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Why Pull Up Banners Won’t Go Out Of Style

Why Pull Up Banners Won’t Go Out Of Style

Businesses across the globe search for smart, innovative, and inexpensive marketing channels to make their campaigns more efficient.

Pull up banners are one of the preferred choices for businesses to launch new products, announce trade shows and events, introduce new plans and projects to clients, and much more. It is also one of the most popular display advertising options for retail stores to attract customers with products and offers.

Across industries, pull up banners are usually considered an excellent choice for advertising for multiple reasons:

  • With excellent quality display printing and high visibility, pull up banners catch the attention of the average customer.
  • Pull up banners score when it comes to portability, and businesses can place them on the exterior or the interior of stores, or even on streets.
  • The lightweight construction makes the transportation and storing of pull banners hassle-free.
  • Most pull up banners feature a recoil system that makes the setting up of the banner, dismantling, and storing highly convenient.
  • The simple and minimal design of the banner makes it a highly economical choice for business. Furthermore, it doesn’t need extensive labour for the transport, placement, and removal of the banner. Also, most pull up banners can be set up at eye level to attract the attention of as many visitors as possible.

Versatility can’t be replaced

One of the most significant factors that make the pull up banner an evergreen choice is its versatility. The banner can fit in almost every type of promotion and campaign programs, including product launches, exhibitions, trade shows, sporting events, school events, conferences, customers’ functions, and much more.

As an event organiser in today’s digital world, there’s ample opportunity through platforms such as Spotify and Facebook Events, and more to get the word out. Promotional sites can significantly increase the number of people that know about your event, as well as encourage sharing and conversation on social platforms.

In reality, it can be placed anywhere you have a few square feet of vacant space. Not only that, the transportation and storing of these banners are hassle-free compared to digital banner solutions. The compact size of pull up banners helps businesses to transport them in large numbers, compared to other banners or digital display products that need more space.

The banner can fit any environment, from exclusive product launch events to simple marketing functions. It can easily take shape and theme of any event with specific designs and make the events more colourful and eye-catching.

Do you want to print high-quality images, the logo of your business, or just include a simple message with minimal graphics and design elements? Pull up banners are highly flexible to the needs of businesses. You can even choose double-sided pull up banners and make your message visible from almost every angle.

The banners can make large functions as well as small events better marketed. You can transform your pull up banners the way you want to convey the message.

Affordable marketing has a greater say

The affordability factor of marketing is always a concern for businesses. When it comes to display marketing, ensuring optimal visibility with minimal investment and human effort is the goal of all businesses.

Pull up banners are the right choice for businesses who want to get great display marketing results with minimal investment. While digital display options need a significant initial investment, pull up banners are highly affordable choices regardless of the industry type. Also, the display options, such as digital billboards and panels, need regular maintenance to ensure durability and the best use of them.

All these add to the total marketing costs and make the digital display options not viable for small businesses. Compared to this, pull up banners are highly affordable and need minimal maintenance. Since there is no significant initial cost, businesses don’t need to overthink about investing in pull up banners. If you choose high-quality pull up banners, it will be a long-term investment for your marketing goals.

The choice for small businesses and startups

As discussed earlier, the minimal initial investment and low maintenance requirements make pull up banners the choice for anyone who appreciates value, style, and maximum return for their investment.

Businesses with tight marketing budgets or limited cash in hand find pull up banners a suitable choice. This will remain as is in the future, because retail stores, startups, and small businesses will continue to choose the banner as their affordable alternative to digital display marketing.

Reports confirm that Australia is home to over 2.1 million small businesses as of 2018, and that accounts for 97 per cent of the total business registrations in the country. According to the Australian Tax Office, small businesses are defined as ventures with annual revenue of $2 million or less.

Do you know that two-thirds of these 2.1 million small businesses are one-person operated ventures? While each business is unique, there are a few common challenges that lots of these 2.1 million businesses face – financing difficulties, volatile cash flow, and high operating costs.

For them, cheap display marketing options like pull up banners are the preferred choice for outdoor and indoor marketing. Now you know why pull up banners are here to stay.

Better control

Pull up banners give better control of the display marketing campaigns for businesses. The emergence of modern technology, including countless design programs and advanced printing technology, make the pull-up banners possible in a few minutes.

Also, the banner can greatly be customised based on the requirements of different businesses. Most pull up banners come with the hardware that allows the banner to adjust the height based on the venue and the height requirements.

Pull up banner makers, like Evan Evans, offer the banners in different sizes to fit the requirements of their customers. Therefore, businesses can print custom pull up banners based on their display marketing requirements and the amount of free space they have indoors or outdoors.

Suitable for your environmental goals

Today, most pull up banners are made from eco-friendly materials, either fully degradable or recyclable. Compared to this, digital display options can impact the eco-friendly goals of businesses. Digital screens consume energy and often produce e-waste that is harmful to the ecosystem.

The high-quality manufacturing standards of most pull up banners make it compatible with all-weather conditions and resistant to UV. When businesses and customers set their own carbon footprint goals for the future, they will think twice before using digital display options. This is just another apparent reason that pull up banners are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Do you know the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) of Australia has set its goal to align with a sustainable planet? The premier body for the Out of Home (OOH) advertising industry has set benchmarks for everything related to the outdoor display advertising industry.

OMA works not only for the reduction of waste and the conservation of natural resources for outdoor displays but the increased use of fuel-efficient vehicles that transport the banners as well.

Equally impactful as digital displays, sometimes more

No business has questions about the impact of pull up banners. Especially, high-quality prints and designs can bring the attention of the customers in no time. With high-resolution 720dpi quality prints, pull up banners can create a more significant impact in display marketing.

However, to get the desired results in display marketing, your pull up banners should meet specific parameters. Note that your customers read the banner from top to bottom. Therefore, you should put the most important message at the top of the pull-up banner.

You should also pay attention to include the brand colour scheme wisely on your banner. Your message should be consistent with your other brand marketing activities as it can influence your customers and make them feel that you’re doing trustworthy business. While including critical information, it is also essential that you’re not including any unwanted information in your pull up banners.

Some marketers make the mistake of not including their contact details though they design eye-catching pull-up banners with the right message. Review your pull up banner design and ensure that it has a strong call to action and has the contact details wherever your customers expect it. Also, add the logo of your business on top of your pull up a banner to bring the attention of your brand followers.

Conclusion: pull up banners serve purposes and industries

Regardless of the changes in the display marketing industry, pull up banners serve specific purposes and industries more conveniently than other options. Can you think of a different display marketing option for taking your message on the road, apart from pull banners that are more convenient, more effective, more economical?

Today, the innovations in pull up banners make them far more convenient to businesses. One of the finest examples is interchangeable banners where people can just swap the prints, without changing the entire unit. Therefore, pull up banners become more economical and environmentally-friendly to businesses.

When different organisations find pull up banners more fitting to their requirements, it becomes more accommodative to the needs of various industries with interchangeable banners, double-sided banners, and more. Yes, pull up banners are going to stay here for long.

Are you searching for high quality pull up banners with custom designs? With over 140 years of expertise, Evan Evans welcomes you to explore our range of custom pull up banners that can make a difference in your display marketing. Need more information or assistance? Talk to our banner specialists on 1800 990 989 or write to us at

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