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We are committed in minimising our carbon footprint with the use of solar, removal of water from our production process and built relationships with companies to recycle our waste.

Based in Melbourne we have ample opportunities to recycle.

Commitment to the environment policy

We are committed to ensuring that the actions and activity of Evan Evans are undertaken in a manner that protects the environment and reduces the pressures on our planet’s limited natural resources. We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance to contribute towards safeguarding the future of the planet for generations to come.

To achieve this commitment, Evan Evans will observe all environmental laws and will:

1. Incorporate environmental considerations into planning and processes.

2. Implement a clear and effective recycling plan for all employees, contractors, and visitors to follow.

3. Implement energy, water, and other resources savings plans.

4. Promote environmental awareness among employees and contractors.

5. Reduce waste and minimise the impact of Evan Evans’s consumption of products and packaging on the environment.

6. Conduct regular reviews of utility usage and recycling policies to determine whether measures to reduce waste and pollution are effective.

7. Ensure that the suppliers and contractors we work with maintain similar environment standards to us.

8. Commit to the continual improvement of environmental principles within our organisation as a priority.

Each employee must comply strictly with the applicable environmental laws and regulations and the public policies they represent. No employee or manager of Evan Evans has authority to engage in conduct that does not comply with this policy, or to authorise, direct, approve or condone such conduct by any other person.

Discipline under this policy:

Management of Evan Evans has the responsibility of overseeing this policy. Supervisors and managers will ensure employees are compliant with all areas of this policy, including any disciplinary action resulting from non-compliance.

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