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“Sign up” to boost your business – growing business through good signage

“Sign up” to boost your business – growing business through good signage

Proper visibility is critical to achieving business success. Signs are a simple yet effective method of increasing awareness of a physical store, of special offers and of the types of products or services offered to potential customers. Signs crafted from almost any material, including metal, wood, plastic, cardboard and neon, can increase your sales and directly impact your bottom line. 


Signs tailored to enhance your company’s image through colors, fonts and imagery can improve the branding of your company. Branding is critical to establishing the essence of your company in the mind of your existing and potential customers. When customers understand your company brand, they are more likely to make purchases and remember your company the next time they are in the market for the products and services you offer. 


The appeal of special promotions and discount offers can lure customers into your store. Properly positioned signs that announce exceptional discounts or limited time offers encourage customers to take action and browse the items you have for sale. Increased customer traffic generally translates into higher sales. Limited time offers can persuade customers to make an immediate purchase to avoid missing out on a good offer. 


Well-crafted and innovative signs can attract customer attention. The use of vibrant colors, interesting shapes and well-remembered images can help draw attention to your store. Consider using directional signs at intersections or on nearby streets to instruct customers about how to reach your store and to increase the visibility of your store to potential customer who does not pass your storefront. Within the limits of your city’s regulations, consider the use of lights and moving objects to make your signs stand out. 

Outdoor Advertising 

Signs can be an effective outdoor advertising tool. Placed on light poles, on the sides of buses and on billboards, signs can announce your company’s offers to a wider market. Consider placing signs on the sides of your car and any vehicle used in the course of your business for mobile advertising. Employees holding signs can also draw attention to your store by waving at passing vehicles on heavily trafficked roads. The more exposure your company receives through signs, the more you can increase customer traffic and sales. 

Business Announcements 

Signs can be used to announce critical moments in your business history. For example, signs can announce a grand opening, a change in management or the offering of a new product line. Change attracts curious consumers. In the case of management changes, an on-sign announcement can encourage customers who had a bad experience at your store to come back. Announcements of a new product line or service can generate new interest in your company. Business announcement signs tell customers your business is ready and able to take care of their needs. 

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