Fence Wrap

Fence Wrap

The Ideal Wrap for All Occasions

Evan Evans fence wrap is perfect for displaying your brand, imagery or message at venues, sites and events where fences, barricades and hoardings are able to be used.   

Printed on durable airtex (allows air to pass through) material, Evan Evans fence wrap lets you add an additional visual brand presence to your event or venue.  The Australian Open Tennis tournament and The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show are two examples of Evan Evans fence wrap being used as event branding.  Fence wrap can be used to disguise unsightly aspects of sites as well as being a strong medium for directional and informational signage, wherever there is passing traffic. 

Ideal for use along road ways, pedestrian corridors and building sites, Evan Evans fence wrap helps to reinforce a message or repeat an image.

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