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Media Walls That Make Waves All Over Sydney And Melbourne

Some of Australia’s biggest brands trust our media walls, so countless photos have been snapped and shared in front of an Evan Evans media wall backdrop.

Media walls are completely on trend, adding a touch of sophistication to your event. The high-quality printing of our media walls allows your graphics and designs to be printed at a high resolution, with seamless displays.

Our pop-up media walls are multi-purpose, perfect for event backdrops, business conferences, exhibitions, product launches and just about every other type of event you can think of.

Custom Curve Matrix Skins EvansEvans
Custom Curve Matrix Skins
FAB Frame EvansEvans
FAB Frame
Fabric Banners EvansEvans
Fabric Banners
Fabric Frames EvansEvans
Fabric Frames
Outdoor Media Wall EvansEvans
Outdoor Media Wall
Pull Up Media Wall EvansEvans
Pull Up Media Wall
Quick stand EvansEvans
WallBanners EvansEvans
Spider Wall