Flags and Flagpoles

Evan Evans has been producing and supplying flags and flagpoles for over 130 years. We digitally print flags as well as proudly hand manufacturing flags in all shapes, sizes and formats. As Australia’s leading flag manufacturer, we work directly with our suppliers to ensure that Evan Evans flags have colour, fade resistance and vibrancy second to none. Our flags provide results far superior and more durable than anything else available. Vivid colour and sharp detail means your brand message really does stand out. With our revolutionary digital printing techniques, we can produce high quality one-off flags for you, very cost effectively and quickly. Call us today to discuss your needs.

Flag poles

As a major supplier of flag poles throughout Australia, we have a range of options for you to choose from including permanent and portable flag poles. Flagpoles are available in tapered or straight designs and come with a choice of finishes for indoor or outdoor use. Our Lockaway Halyard device within the flagpole, ensures flag security and minimizes noise.


Evan Evans has a national network of installation and maintenance service providers to ensure your flag and flagpole needs can be met anywhere in Australia. Talk to us about your flag and flagpole needs today.