Flag care

Caring for your flag

  • Always ensure that flags are hoisted aloft and free from nearby trees or buildings

  • Minimise a flags exposure to the elements by taking down the flags in the evening or in extreme weather conditions.

  • Make sure flags are dry before putting them away and store them in a cool, dry place.

  • Always wash flags in a gentle detergent to lessen fading, and never use any bleach or similar products on your flags.


A flag's life

Flags are more often than not subjected to nature’s harsh elements. Ultra violet rays and high winds cause the breakdown of fibres in flags, particularly the breakdown of the sewn edges at the extremities.

Prevailing conditions will largely determine the length of the life of your flag. A flag that weathers extreme conditions will not last as long as a flag flown in a temperate climate. If you wish to preserve your flag, it should be brought in when strong winds are predicated. Note also that flags flown on standard poles will last longer than flags flown at a great height, due to accelerated velocity of the wind.

The life of a flag also depends on its flying time. A flag that is flown from dawn until dusk will have a considerably longer life than a flag flown 24 hours a day.
Evan Evans manufactures flags using only the best quality materials and inks that modern technology can offer.  It is estimated that an Evan Evans flag will maintain its original quality and vibrant colours for 6 to 12 months when flown in standard conditions every day. With less usage our flags can remain in great condition for 2 plus years depending on conditions.

It is important when raising your flag that you properly attach it to the rope so that it does not wrap around itself as this can damage the flag. You can use flag clips for easy access.

Bringing your flag in each evening and in bad weather will also help extend the life of your flag.
By their very nature flags are perishable items. Even the strongest flag cannot survive forever when exposed to nature. All flags, much like the tyres on your car or the soles of your shoes, even when properly used, will need to be replaced eventually. 

It is for this reason that we cannot provide any guarantees for the lifespan of any flag.