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Media Walls And Our Social World

Media Walls And Our Social World

In today’s digital world, your event attendees can be your best form of promotion and marketing. Centring certain aspects of your event, its promotion and success around sharing and creating content is something that more and more organisers are doing.

Making investments and crafting your event to encourage people to post in the moment and share their content is well worth it. One of the most popular and effective ways that event planners and promoters are doing this is through the use of social media walls.

Think about any recent event, product launch or evets gala, and there’s one thing that they all have in common. They use a media wall as a backdrop, carefully covered in event promotion material.

From too many logos to unflattering lighting and misplaced designs, Evan Evans has been in the game long enough to know what a good and bad media wall looks like. With the potential for so many eyeballs on the finished photos, it’s essential to your event and your sponsors ROI that you get it right.

From charity events and interviews to gala dinners and movie premiers, media walls are well and truly a necessity at any kind of event. Giving both attendees and event photographers a place to create and share content is invaluable in the age of social media.

Between glamourous red-carpet photo ops and eye-catching backdrops, here’s why your event needs to have a media wall in our social world.

What kind of events need social media walls?

While we might be talking about A- list Hollywood events, media walls are definitely not exclusive to these and make the perfect attribute to an event of any size. Generally speaking, media walls can be designed in three different ways.

1. For events This kind of media wall is for events that rely on public participation, sharing of content and publicity. We’re talking about charity events, galas, and fundraising events. At events such as these, media walls are making an appearance to make the event recognisable and create a strong connection between an event and a brand in the online world.

2. For branding Here, we’re talking about launching a new product, celebrating an anniversary, or recognising something (or someone) prestigious. The main aim of media walls as a backdrop at an event of this type is exposure. Creating a media wall with the right balance and combination of logos is all about keeping it simple and brand-centric. At Evan Evans, we have the expert knowledge and understanding to make this happen.

3. For sponsorship Media walls can become the backdrop for generous donors and contributors, as well as any special guests that would boost the profile of your event. Media walls are a great, yet subtle way to highlight them without making a huge fuss, combining your logo and sponsors logos into one wall. Anything taken in front of a media wall is bound to end up online, which is an added incentive for your sponsors. #success.

A Cost-Effective Strategy

Signage in Melbourne can be much more affordable than other marketing strategies such as television advertisements and ongoing social media campaigns that require constant maintenance. Once signage has been installed by signage companies in Melbourne, there are no further costs to consider. Your signage can stay in place and act as an effective form of advertising 24 hours a day.

Why is a media wall so important?

Signage has an element of permanence that other advertising methods simply don’t possess. It rarely needs changing and it remains visible 365 days a year. This makes it a worthy investment even if the initial set-up costs seem off-putting. Signage for Melbourne businesses offers a constant source of advertising, which can help them achieve the success they desire.

Learn More Today

Media walls are the perfect tool to help you make the most from your event. Your event needs publicity– that goes without saying, and media walls as a backdrop for social content help your event make the rounds on the internet. It’s an opportunity for branding, marketing and publicity all in one. We’re all about saving coin, and we bet you are too.

Add value to your event Just like feature walls in homes, or murals in restaurants, neon signs in your favourite bar– media walls add value to your event, give an element of excitement and overall, encourages content creating and sharing online. Our variety of social media walls such as pop up displays, straight line media walls, outdoor media walls and pull up media walls means your design and execution can be unique and you don’t have to follow the crowd when it comes to what you create. Add in some 3D options, some lights or throw in a red carpet and you’ve got yourself an eye popping wall.

Brand marketing This point is super important for smaller brands who are breaking through or looking for that all important exposure. Sure, your guests may know who you are and what you stand for, but outsiders won’t. Do your guests and any media professionals a favour by splashing your logo across the event, introducing yourself through a media wall. The last thing you want is for people to remember the event and its attendees, but not the name of your brand. Make it unforgettable.

Event promotion Marketing a new product or brand means lots of attention. One of the best ways to do this is through, wait for it… media walls. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to put what you are promoting at the front and centre of journalists, photographers and attendees.

Sponsor promotion Hosts will always be expected to thank their sponsors, no matter what. And what better way to express gratitude than spreading their logo on an entire wall? It’s a simple and subtle yet effective way of acknowledging your sponsors in a public event.

Some do’s and don’ts for your media wall designs


Stick to the basics and keep your wall simple. There’s no need for your wall to be crowded and steal the show from the event that you have spent time and effort putting together. Avoid overcomplicating your wall with too many designs or logos, people won’t know where to look, and you don’t want your wall to be so busy that nothing becomes memorable. Less is more.

Choose the right location. Where you put your media wall will dictate how effective it is. A great and usual location is the entrance way of the event or any other area where foot traffic is heavy. Social media walls work fantastically with the addition of bollards or a red carpet to direct your guests. Its also important to place your media wall somewhere that lighting is exceptional, and great photos can be taken.

Go the extra mile and add in lighting or some 3D designs. Enhance your media wall for a social occasion. Some ideas include backlit add-ons, fake grass, or anything else that lines up with your brand. Don’t forget about continuity!


Don’t leave your media wall till the last minute. Team up with the experts (ahem, that’s us) well ahead of time to iron out any design issues, colour pallet specifics and the likes. Leave time for changes and tweaks.

Don’t forget about lighting. Event lighting is often just as important as your media wall. Don’t project blue light onto your media wall as it’s very unflattering and can distort faces in photos. We recommend using a soft white light instead – it’s the safe option and captures the talent. Consider using truss up lights along the bottom of your media wall, which casts a nice light on your event’s logos making them stand out.

Don’t place your wall somewhere that people will be in the way. Photobombs aren’t funny when you’re trying to promote a brand or pull off a killer event. Besides this, watch the placement of printed people on your media wall.

Don’t fret if the unexpected happens. You may arrive to find a power point in the wrong spot, a styling issue or anything different to what you had planned. Make sure that you consider all these points in your planning.

The main thing to remember is that social media and media walls as backdrops go hand in hand, having the power to significantly increase the number of people who see a glimpse of your event. Make it fun, make it stylish and above else, make sure its printed to the highest possible standards.

Ready to make your mark?

Evan Evans have years of experience, constantly adapting to the marketplace and the world around us to provide printing solutions. Take a look at our different types of media walls here, or contact us to get started and see what we can do together

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