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How to Invigorate Your Brand

How to Invigorate Your Brand

If you’re looking to invigorate your brand, there are many changes you can make in order to achieve this. From hiring experienced website developers to upgrade and enhance your online presence through to installing high-quality signage in Melbourne that attracts customers, there’s no shortage of ways to rejuvenate your brand and change the way in which it’s perceived.

One of the premier signage companies in Melbourne, Evan Evans, offers some top suggestions as to how you can give your brand the much needed invigoration it requires.


The importance and significance of signage cannot be understated. It brings visibility and exposure to your business and provides your brand with a particular identity. If your existing signage has seen better days, it might be time to redesign your logo or even upgrade your signage to appeal to today’s technology-driven market. For example, LED signs can give the impression that you’re a technology-savvy business that always moves and looks forward. Speak to one of the leading signage companies in Melbourne about how we can help you.

Move Towards Video-Based Content

Given that the majority of people all have at least one screen on them at any given time, whether it’s a smart phone, a tablet or even a laptop, taking advantage of video content can also help to invigorate your brand. The shift from standard ‘content marketing’ to ‘broadcast marketing’ will allow you to reach a wider audience in ways that you might not have imagined.


Usually considered one of the more extreme approaches to invigorating your brand, rebranding typically involves changing a brand’s logo, image, marketing strategy, advertising themes and even name as a means of creating a new identity in the marketplace. Rebranding is typically done for one of five reasons: to set oneself apart from the competition, to recover from a negative event or eliminate a negative public image, as a reaction to dwindling market share, a corporate restructure has taken place, or the brand just wants to stay relevant amid evolving consumer trends. While it can be an expensive venture that requires everything from redesigning services through to brand new signage in Melbourne, if the rebranding process achieves its goals, then it was time and effort well spent.

For more suggestions on how you can invigorate your brand, get in touch with Evan Evans – one of the leading signage companies in Melbourne.

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