Festival Signage

Festival Signage As Epic As The Main Act

It doesn’t matter what it is that you’re organising to bring people together – a fashion show, a food festival or a huge music festival, each festival needs loud and proud festival banners and signage to spread the word and communicate just how great the event is.

All events and festivals are unique and have their own style, and there’s no one size fits all approach to festival signage. We know, from working with countless brands and festival organisers, what’s needed to create an effective campaign and show your audience what your festival is all about.

Through large stage backdrops, custom stage backdrops and a range of other forms of signage, we ensure that your logo and branding is printed on the best quality material with the best quality printing available.

Having worked with some of the biggest events and event organisers in Australia, we know what’s needed to make eyes pop and create unforgettable signage, as well as having the know-how and the industry experience to create festival signage for all kinds of events from sporting matches to comedy festivals.

For ensuring that you have put your best foot forward and are translating your fantastic designs to the highest of qualities, make sure you choose Evan Evans.

Find out what kind of festivals we’ve worked with in the past, get in touch for a chat today.