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Creating Brand Continuity With Portable Displays

Creating Brand Continuity With Portable Displays

Branding involves the creation of a name and symbol or design that represents your brand and makes it convenient for your target audience to recognise you instantly. Marketing teams and businesses don’t just focus on creating a brand, but also on brand continuity.

Brand continuity is the use of a consistent approach to market your brand at different channels. So, whether you’re promoting your product online or on print media, you apply a unified branding approach to ensure your brand’s style, colours, images, etc., are consistent and easily identifiable by your target audience.

Why branding is important

Branding encourages recognition

Branding helps people recognise your company instantly. The more familiar they are with your brand, the higher the chances of them purchasing with you.

Branding makes you stand out from the crowd

No matter what industry you are in, you would surely have some competitors. Branding helps you create a positive image in the minds of your target audience, thus making it easy for you to stand out from the rest.

Branding offers the opportunity to acquire new clients

Strong branding helps in creating a favourable impression of your company, thus increasing the chances of customers choosing you over other companies. Branding makes you well-known, and customers usually prefer to shop from brands they are more familiar with.

Branding helps you connect with your customers

Creating a good brand gives you the benefit of connecting to your customers on an emotional level. Hence, you should aim to raise your brand to a level that your customers feel emotionally attached.

Why brand continuity is important

Brand continuity helps in reinforcing the image of your business!

Brand continuity is all about showing the same message or image to your customers again and again, so they remember it for as long as possible. If people are consistently shown the same message regularly, they are likely to show more interest in it. Keeping this concept in mind, you need to create consistent brand promotional strategies, so your customers connect with you and remember you always.

Brand continuity is essential for all businesses. However, those in the chain business should be extra careful with this. They need to create a consistent environment in every outlet, so no matter where their customers visit them, they enjoy the same experience. Doing so will help their business maintain a reliable image, gain market visibility, and give them the competitive edge they need.

As brand continuity can be attained only by displaying a consistent message to your target audience, you need to be careful where and how you place the messages. One of the best ways to promote your brand at different locations is by opting for portable displays.

Portable displays are nothing but visually appealing displays that can be customised to have your brand name, logo, design, etc., and exhibited at trade shows, special events, commercial environments, retail stores, and other venues.

What are portable displays and why are they essential in the brand journey?

Branding is what your customers see!

Your name, your logo, your symbol, and other factors help in building a strong brand. Displaying these elements at the places most visited by your target audience can aid the branding process.

Portable displays serve as the perfect way to build positive perceptions of your brand among your target audience. There are multiple types of portable displays that you can opt for depending on your needs.

Types of portable displays

Pop-up displays

Pop-up displays are portable displays that are used as solid-looking back walls. They have a frame that opens and allows for mounting of fabric or graphic panels to create a large wall.

You can customise pop-up displays to have your brand name, logo, and message put across as a back wall at events like trade shows. Such displays can leave a positive impression on your customers and give them the feeling of being at your retail store even when they are visiting you at an event.

Pull-up banners

As the name suggests, pull-up banners can be simply pulled up and set in a matter of minutes. These banners are usually 2 metres high. However, you can customise the size of the banners as per your requirement.

A significant benefit of promoting your brand with pull-up banners is that they allow for printing on both sides, thus making it visible to more people. So, you can consider printing your brand assets on one side of the pull-up banner and any special message or new offer on the other side.

Feather flags

Feather flags are flags designed in the shape of a feather and look like bright, lively flags. They are ideal for placing outdoors thanks to their durable nature. One great feature of these flags is that they wave like flags whenever wind passes by, making it even more noticeable.

Having your brand advertised on such flags is highly beneficial as they ensure your brand gains maximum attention from the passer-by. Once you have these flags personalised as per your brand, you can install them at higher locations and keep them waving in the air for more and more people to notice.

Printed pop-up marquees

Printed pop-up marquees serve as a great way to promote your brand at any location where safety from weather conditions or the environment is required.

Pop-up marquees are somewhat like tents customised to have your brand names and logo. They can be used for events or for promoting your brand in an outdoor area. When you get the marquees printed, ensure it is the colour of your brand or has your logo printed clearly for your customers to spot you easily.

Portable counters

Portable counters serve as desks that you can be placed anywhere – in your office, at an event, or a trade show. Having your brand assets printed on the front of the counter can indicate your presence at any event.

If you customise a portable counter to have your brand’s name, colour, and logo printed, you can benefit from this in two ways – have a presentable counter that guests can use for enquires and paperwork and have a platform to promote your brand. The best thing about such counters is that they are portable. So, you can have a few counters designed for your store, and whenever the need arises, you can carry them to your events.

Printed table cloths

If you do not wish to have a portable counter designed, you can opt for a cheaper substitute – a printed table cloth. If you want to create an enquiry desk for your brand at an event, you can get a simple table and cover it with a table cloth that has your brand name and logo printed on it. This is one of the cheapest ways to promote your brand at events. Remember, the printed cloth must be of good quality and should have your brand assets printed visibly for your customers to see you, even from a distance.

Portable displays play a huge role in branding. If these displays are customised to include your brand assets, they can increase the visibility of your brand, making more people familiar with it. Always remember, the more popularity your brand gains, the higher the chances are of your business running successfully. Hence, it is advisable to make use of these customisable and portable displays that you can carry anywhere to advertise your brand.

For customised portable displays, get in touch with us

Evan Evans specialises in providing high-quality portable displays that you can use for years to promote your brand. Call us on 1800 990 989 to enquire or buy our portable displays or contact us online for assistance.

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