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Capturing Event Attendees In 2019

Capturing Event Attendees In 2019

All event organisers know that creating an unforgettable event is no walk in the park. Blood sweat and tears all go into making your event come together, not to mention a whole heap of time, effort and planning. Even then, once the event is organised to the tee, the next challenge of captivating and engaging our attended begins.

One of the ultimate goals for any event organiser is to have a high turnout, sell the very last ticket and have guests oohing and ahhing at everything they see. So, to make sure you capture the imaginations, hearts and minds of those who attend your event, be sure to adopt some really creative event promotional ideas.

At Evan Evans, our ranges of custom signs, banners, portable displays and the likes are the saving grace for plenty of event planners. We work with you to come up with engaging and creative solutions for all types of events. Aside from our products, here are some of the best ways that you can capture attended and make sure your next event is a raving success.

Make use of event promotion websites

Event discovery sites serve as a great platform to promote your events. With the growing use of the internet, more and more people rely on online guides and apps to find out about events in their area.

As an event organiser in today’s digital world, there’s ample opportunity through platforms such as Spotify and Facebook Events, and more to get the word out. Promotional sites can significantly increase the number of people that know about your event, as well as encourage sharing and conversation on social platforms.

Allow for native checkout

Just posting about your event on the discovery site isn’t enough; make it as simple as possible for people to check out and make their purchase through these promotional pages. We’re sure you’ve experienced the anguish of having to go to multiple places to make your final purchase, and we’re also sure that a huge percentage of people don’t end up going through with the purchase because it’s all too difficult. Give people an opportunity to make a split-second decision, and they will.

Create infographics

Unique visual tools are extremely effective in not only drawing in attended but connecting a particular fun and exciting image to your brand. Enter: infographics.

Infographics give you an opportunity to represent your information creatively, while at the same time creating a feeling and a vibe that your event represents. Infographics have the power to capture attention instantly. Taking advantage of infographics and posting them on social media as well as banners and signage is a sure-fire way to boost attendance and awareness– 10-20% of ticket sales typically occur through social media.

Promote your event using banners

No matter what type of event you are promoting, a food and drinks event, sports event, music festival or live show, one of the best ways to promote it is by using banners.

Attractive, quality banners have the power to spread the word. They give people an idea about how exciting your event is going to be, and, being available in a huge range of styles and sizes, are versatile and suited to every kind of promotion. While digital promotion is important, physical products and signage are just as effective and important.

Use social media for storytelling

Thanks to the innovative features of social media sites, promoting your event has never been simpler. Make use of the stories feature on Snapchat and Instagram, and the live video feature on Facebook and YouTube to tell a story to your audience. Through these features, you can engage your social audience by keeping them posted on the preparations of the event and throughout the event itself. People love an inside scoop. They love to see behind the scenes action and feel a part of a community. These features can help your audience connect well with your event.

Use influencers people as brand ambassadors for your event

The power of influencers can’t be ignored. Hiring someone with a social media following who aligns with your target audience can be an invaluable asset to your event. Tread carefully though, take a look at a recent example of when influencer marketing went horribly wrong. There are dedicated platforms that help you enlist influencers; however many influencers can be contacted directly and feature their contact details on their social media pages. Logically, The more promotion, the more attendees you can expect.

Customised flags

Custom flags are instant attention grabbers. You can fly them high in the outdoors during an event so that everyone can notice them. Flags are available in multiple shapes and sizes, making it easy for you to choose the one that best suits your requirement.

Pay attention to content marketing

Whether you prepare a website, blog post, or social media post for your event, one thing that matters for all is content that connects, engages and tells a story. To garner all the attention of your audience, give them thoughtful content that will help in positioning your brand and your event as a leader, and as something that cannot be missed. Good content that speaks directly to your audience and encourages them to communicate will help people connect with your brand well. The better the connection, the more likely are they to attend your event.

Make a YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel can help youe event gain traction, and videos are a powerful dhsring tool on social media. The ever-growing craze of YouTube gives you an excellent opportunity to reach to your target audience. YouTube is said to be the second-largest search engine. So, taking advantage of this search engine is a no brainer. Put together your creative ideas and prepare a video to promote your event. What’s just as effective is after movies, which highlight the best parts of your event, letting people know what they can expect at the next one.

Post visual testimonials

Another great way to promote your event on social media sites is by using visual testimonials. If you have had some good comments in the exit surveys of your previous events, use them to attract attendees. If you have video clippings of the good statements people have made about your event, post them on social media to show people how much people loved what you put together. This will increase the interest of your target audience, and in turn, give a nice little boost to your attendance.

Target similar audience

Hopefully, if your event is reoccurring or your brand runs similar ones, you’ll have an idea of who has previously purchased your event tickets. Now, it’s time to analyse the audience of your previous event. Once you understand the demographics of your audience, you can use social media to target lookalike audiences. Once you find them, you can make use of algorithms and automated tools to design ads targeting those people.


A useful and not much-used idea for promoting events in podcasting. Launch a podcast with a theme relating to your event so that people can listen to it regularly. You can also consider sponsoring an existing podcast that has a similar target audience. This option will save you a lot of your effort to create a new podcast.

Apart from using these tactics for promoting your event and capturing more attendees, you can make use of products that help to publicise an event. Many brands opt for tailored digital printing solutions that help in creating and developing some of the most useful products for promotion.

The products that can help you promote your events are:

Promote your event with your email signature

If you think, you will realise that you receive and send a large number of emails daily. How about promoting your event with every email? You can add a graphic denoting the event to your signature line. This will spread the awareness for your event, thus increasing the chances of more people attending it.

Forex Signage

Forex signage is a dynamic, contemporary signage option that brings a wow factor. This material is a solid, plastic sheet sign that you would have seen all around events and trade shows. Though recommended for indoor use, these signs are waterproof and through printing with Evan Evans, can produce the highest quality of printing Forex signs are extremely versatile, and can be used for a range of applications, making them extremely effective in promoting your event. You need to ensure that the people attending the event are drawn in, which is ehre custom signage really shines. For creative event signage ideas, you can’t go past the quality of Evan Evans.

Try temporary signposts

Signposts are a great way to lead people to your event or venue. Apart from using them in the outdoors, you can also use them to lead people to a particular stall.

Contact us for customised event signage for brand awareness

Evan Evans is dedicated to creating high-quality flags, signage, and banners. These products are designed as per the needs of the brands, thus offering customised printing solutions. Get in touch with us on for more details

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