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8 months ago

Give that Extra Competitive Edge to Your Business

Businesses can struggle to stand out from the crowd in increasingly competitive marketplaces. For this reason, many businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase their brand awareness, attract new customers, and create positive experiences that engender loyalty. This includes keeping up with the latest technologies, creating attractive business signs, and establishing a positive culture. Continue reading for more information about giving your business an extra competitive edge.

Use the Latest Technologies

If a business wants to thrive in today’s modern day and age, they need to be on top of the latest technologies or risk falling behind the curve. Making use of the latest technology products allows you to deliver the best possible product and service experiences for as many customers as possible. Whether you’re providing cutting-edge consumer electronics or streamlined hospitality services, the latest technologies can help give you an edge.

Create Attractive Signage

Few things attract prospective customers quite as effectively as signage. The perfect business signs will draw attention and make people interested in the things you can offer them. They also visually communicate a lot about what you offer, which is why you should never underestimate their impact and importance. From corflute signs and self-adhesive vinyl through to A-frame displays, flags and more, there’s no shortage of business signs in Melbourne available for you to choose from.

Establish a Positive Culture

People are starting to take more notice of the culture that a business cultivates both inside and out. Businesses with a poorly perceived culture receive bad press, which can cause prospective customers to look for more positive alternatives. If you have a business culture that promotes kindness and equality, you’re much more likely to experience the success you crave.

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7 months ago

The Importance of Signage for a Business

There are many different advertising options available for businesses that want to increase their brand awareness and attract prospective customers. However, while television advertisements and online ads might seem like the most effective methods for advertising your business, nothing quite measures up to the effectiveness of simple signage. This blog contains useful information about the importance of signage for Melbourne business.

Increased Brand Exposure

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses are required to increase their exposure and stand out from the crowd as much as possible. Vibrant signage will help distinguish your business against others of its kind, drawing the attention of people who pass by. Long-term exposure to your signage over time can also result in more customers buying your products or services.

A Cost-Effective Strategy

Signage in Melbourne can be much more affordable than other marketing strategies such as television advertisements and ongoing social media campaigns that require constant maintenance. Once signage has been installed by signage companies in Melbourne, there are no further costs to consider. Your signage can stay in place and act as an effective form of advertising 24 hours a day.

Year-Round Advertising

Signage has an element of permanence that other advertising methods simply don’t possess. It rarely needs changing and it remains visible 365 days a year. This makes it a worthy investment even if the initial set-up costs seem off-putting. Signage for Melbourne businesses offers a constant source of advertising, which can help them achieve the success they desire.

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7 months ago

How to Invigorate Your Brand

If you’re looking to invigorate your brand, there are many changes you can make in order to achieve this. From hiring experienced website developers to upgrade and enhance your online presence through to installing high-quality signage in Melbourne that attracts customers, there’s no shortage of ways to rejuvenate your brand and change the way in which it’s perceived.

One of the premier signage companies in Melbourne, Evan Evans, offers some top suggestions as to how you can give your brand the much needed invigoration it requires.


The importance and significance of signage cannot be understated. It brings visibility and exposure to your business and provides your brand with a particular identity. If your existing signage has seen better days, it might be time to redesign your logo or even upgrade your signage to appeal to today’s technology-driven market. For example, LED signs can give the impression that you’re a technology-savvy business that always moves and looks forward. Speak to one of the leading signage companies in Melbourne about how we can help you.

Move Towards Video-Based Content

Given that the majority of people all have at least one screen on them at any given time, whether it’s a smart phone, a tablet or even a laptop, taking advantage of video content can also help to invigorate your brand. The shift from standard ‘content marketing’ to ‘broadcast marketing’ will allow you to reach a wider audience in ways that you might not have imagined.


Usually considered one of the more extreme approaches to invigorating your brand, rebranding typically involves changing a brand’s logo, image, marketing strategy, advertising themes and even name as a means of creating a new identity in the marketplace. Rebranding is typically done for one of five reasons: to set oneself apart from the competition, to recover from a negative event or eliminate a negative public image, as a reaction to dwindling market share, a corporate restructure has taken place, or the brand just wants to stay relevant amid evolving consumer trends. While it can be an expensive venture that requires everything from redesigning services through to brand new signage in Melbourne, if the rebranding process achieves its goals, then it was time and effort well spent.

For more suggestions on how you can invigorate your brand, get in touch with Evan Evans – one of the leading signage companies in Melbourne.

7 months ago

Choosing the Right Signage for Your Business

Choosing the right signage for your business can mean the difference between success and failure. Business owners should therefore take the design and placement of their signage in Melbourne into account to ensure that prospective customers are responding to the message, with the specific details depending on the nature of the business and what it intends to provide to customers. This blog post contains further information about choosing the right signage for your business.

Maximise Visibility

The most significant element for signage is the extent of its visibility. Businesses that erect small and unclear signs are likely to lose customers, as people will either gloss over them or miss them entirely. Prospective customers and clients are far less likely to see signage let alone respond to it if it’s obscured by buildings, tress, power lines or other neighbouring signs.

Maximise the visibility of your signage by inspecting its placement from every possible vantage point. You may also want to consider embellishing your signage by adding colourful lights and stylish typefaces to stand out and attract attention. These measures will ensure that as many people as possible are exposed to your signage in Melbourne.

Don’t Overcomplicate It

Many businesses make the mistake of overcomplicating their signage. People are more likely to look past signs if they have to work harder to visually process them, which is why you should try and keep them as simple but as distinctive as possible. This will help you make a positive first impression while ensuring your business looks likeable and trustworthy.

For effective signage in Melbourne that attracts attention and generates interest, it’s recommended that your signs include an easily understandable message in a high-contrast format. In other words, keep the word count below ten while communicating what separates you from the competition. Once people walk through your door, you can provide the additional information that they need.

Establish a Positive Culture

People are starting to take more notice of the culture that a business cultivates both inside and out. Businesses with a poorly perceived culture receive bad press, which can cause prospective customers to look for more positive alternatives. If you have a business culture that promotes kindness and equality, you’re much more likely to experience the success you crave.

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7 months ago

Available Types of Display Signage in Melbourne

As one of the leading signage companies in Melbourne, Evan Evans has no shortage of signage solutions available to choose from. Whether you want simple A-Frame display signs that are portable and easy to set up or fully customisable E-Frame display signs for media backdrops, there’s something for everybody regardless of your circumstances. This blog post contains useful information about the available types of display signage for Melbourne businesses.

A-Frame Display Signs

Simple A-Frame display signs are among the most popular signage for Melbourne businesses. They are highly effective at increasing brand awareness, generating interest in products and services, and helping businesses to stand out from the crowd. They’re also versatile, portable, cost-effective, and easy to set up.

ECO Flex Display Stands

ECO Flex display stands are durable, affordable, and capable of increasing your exposure and achieving your desired results. They can be placed in various places, including sidewalks and roadsides. They feature excellent flexibility as well as fantastic stability thanks to their low centre of gravity.

2Stand Display Stands

New products and services need to be advertised, or else prospective customers will have no way of knowing about them. Fortunately, 2Stand display stands can be highly effective at achieving your goals. Suitable for exhibitions and trade shows, these fully customisable solutions can feature high resolution images that give your business the advantage it needs.

E-Frame Display Signs

If you need cost-effective yet eye-catching signage in Melbourne for stage and media backdrops, an E-Frame display sign can meet your needs. This signage type boasts great versatility, as it’s capable of being mounted to walls or suspended when required in addition to being freestanding. It’s also easily transportable thanks to its flat packed nature.

ISO Frame Display Systems

ISO frame display systems can be easily erected at trade shows and exhibitions throughout Melbourne. They’re excellent for modern businesses that need easily transportable and completely re-usable solutions. They have the added benefit of saving time and resources in the long run, making them an economical and eco-friendly choice. This highly convenient type of signage for Melbourne businesses can also come with optional built-in LCD screens.

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Evan Evans stocks various types of display signage for Melbourne businesses, making us one of the best signage companies in Melbourne. Browse our range online or contact us today to learn more. Give us a call on (03) 9416 1848 or send us an email for a prompt response.

7 months ago

Common Applications for Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are excellent for anyone requiring short-term signage solutions for temporary events or limited promotions with definite end dates. They are highly popular for a number of reasons, including their suitability for both indoor and outdoor environments. Corflute signs are also renowned for their ease of use, resistance against harsh weather conditions, fast turnaround, and capacity for customisation. Whether you want corflute signs to advertise an upcoming festival in your local area or you need them to increase your general business exposure, they can get the job done. This blog post contains more information about the common applications for corflute signs.

Increasing Small Business Exposure

In an increasingly cutthroat marketplace, small businesses need every advantage they can get. Corflute signs are relatively affordable while still being an effective tool for increasing brand awareness. Small businesses that can’t afford elaborate marketing campaigns can use these affordable signs to generate the foot traffic they desperately need.

Advertising Properties

Real estate agents typically advertise properties for as little time as possible, as they want prospective buyers to see the property and make a purchase sooner rather than later. This means there’s little point investing in signage that lasts longer than a few weeks or months at most. Corflute signs offer a perfect solution, working to increase exposure and attract attention. Once the property has been sold, the signs can be easily taken down without wasting unnecessary time and money.

Promoting Sports Sponsors

Most major and local sporting events are sponsored by recognisable corporations. This helps build brand awareness, reach new audiences, increase sales, and generate more website traffic. Given that most sporting events are seasonal and only last a limited amount of time, temporary corflute signs offer an affordable yet effective signage solution, perfect for promoting sports sponsors without having to worry about the permanence of the signage.

Advertising Garage Sales

Garage sales are usually held on weekends and target other residents living in the local area. They’re a great way for households to make some extra cash while clearing away unwanted items, but the local community needs to be informed beforehand or else no one will know about the sale – let alone attend. Fortunately, corflute signs offer a simple and affordable way of advertising local garage sales and ensuring that residents within the vicinity are aware of the event.

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7 months ago

Innovative Signage in Melbourne

Technological advancements in recent decades have spawned a range of innovative signage solutions for businesses and organisations. This has resulted in the creation of clearer and more distinctive advertising that attracts more attention and generates interest. For businesses that want to stand out from the crowd and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s important for them to always stay ahead of the curve by consulting with signage companies in Melbourne. To help you make the most of your opportunities, Evan Evans has compiled this blog post containing useful information about innovative signage in Melbourne.

3D Printed Signage

3D printers have existed for decades in various forms, but the use of computers to create three-dimensional objects has only exploded in popularity in the last few years. This thrilling technology is still being perfected, but even in its current state, it has influenced and changed the way entire industries approach their advertising. 3D printers have allowed experts to formulate creative marketing campaigns and produce signage in Melbourne that elevates businesses above the competition.

Digital Signage

In the decades since personal computer systems emerged, digital signage has become increasingly commonplace. Messages on digital screens are often clear and easy to read, allowing businesses to communicate with their target audience more easily and across larger distances. It’s now easier than ever to keep people apprised of the latest developments, spread the word about exciting new promotions, and share interesting information.

Vintage Signage

The proliferation of digital technologies has created an appeal for more old-school alternatives. Nearly anyone can use a computer to create signage, which makes it much harder to stand out from the crowd. Using tried-and-tested methods from bygone days allows you to capture an old-world charm and distinguish your sign from the competition. Coffee shops, clothing stores and other small businesses have found surprising amounts of success with vintage signage in Melbourne.

Simple Signage

Too much neon and digitalisation can become overwhelming and off-putting after a while. For this reason, simple signs with basic designs, minimalistic formatting and less information can often be much more effective. This approach can help businesses stand out from others that are trying too hard.

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Evan Evans has developed a reputation as one of the best signage companies in Melbourne. Contact us today to learn more about innovative signage solutions and how we can help your business unlock its potential. Simply call us on (03) 9416 1848 and we’ll do our best to answer your queries.

7 months ago

Benefits of Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are excellent for businesses and organisations that require short term advertising solutions. They’re a highly popular choice for several reasons, including their suitability for indoor and outdoor environments for real estate and construction applications. They’re also known for their lightweight construction and weather resistant qualities. This blog post contains additional information about the various advantages of corflute signs.

Easy to Use and Implement

As previously mentioned, corflute signs are constructed using lightweight materials which makes them much easier to use and implement relative to other signage solutions. Whether you want to install corflute signs onto fences using ropes or onto posts using cable ties, they can be set up in next to time, allowing your organisation to benefit from them more quickly.


Corflute signs are often installed outdoors, which means they need to withstand the harsh weather conditions they’re often subjected to. This includes torrential rain, strong winds, scorching sunlight, and damaging UV rays. Fortunately, corflute signs offer resistance against UV rays and tears. They also feature UV laminated graphics that last for up to three years for additional protection.


Organisations should always seek out customisable advertising solutions so that they can personalise them. Fortunately, corflute signs are versatile options that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Corflute can be moulded into almost any shape, folded to create freestanding signs, and joined to make other types of signs. Your brand name and product information can also be included.


The fundamental goal of your advertising should be to minimise how much it costs to implement and maximise the revenue it generates. Corflute signs, which are commonly used for short term purposes, are relatively affordable, making them an ideal choice. Whether you’re setting up limited promotions or advertising temporary events, corflute signs are a fantastic solution.

Fast Turnarounds

There’s never any shortage of corflute available, so you can rest assured that corflute signs can be made and delivered in a timely fashion. Turnarounds can even be achieved in less than 24 hours if you need them urgently enough.

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At Evan Evans, we’ve developed a reputation for selling the very best corflute signs online. Get in touch with our friendly experts today to learn more about the many benefits of corflute signs. Alternatively, you can request a quote and place an order at your earliest convenience.

7 months ago

Brand Awareness through Signage

Can you imagine walking around the city of Melbourne and not seeing any signs? They’ve become such a ubiquitous aspect of our lives, allowing us to identify all kinds of businesses and what they offer. Signs in Melbourne allow businesses to improve their brand awareness, promote their products and services, and stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

At Evan Evans, we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading signage companies in Melbourne. Our specialists can create personalised signage solutions to help increase brand awareness and attract prospective customers. This blog post contains useful information about creating and improving brand awareness through signage.

Create Something Distinctive

When you see signs in Melbourne for well-known brands, you know exactly what they are and who they belong to. This is a powerful element of brand awareness, making these companies easy to identify and connect with. If you want your business to succeed, you should aim to create signs and logos that are similarly distinctive. This can be an extremely challenging prospect, but the rewards speak for themselves if you can accomplish it.

Tell and Share Stories

You should aim to imbue your signage with stories that people can connect to. This doesn’t mean telling a literal story, but logos and signs in Melbourne should invoke images and experiences in people’s minds that have a story-like quality. Humans naturally gravitate towards stories as a means of communicating and creating meaning in their lives, so having a sign that tells a story about your business, its ethos, its history and its people can do wonders for brand awareness.

Take Steps to Increase your Brand Awareness Today

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