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Creating Brand Continuity With Portable Displays

Branding involves the creation of a name and symbol or design that represents your brand and makes it convenient for your target audience to recognise you instantly. Marketing teams and businesses don’t just focus on creating a brand, but also on brand continuity.

Brand continuity is the use of a consistent approach to market your brand at different channels. So, whether you’re promoting your product online or on print media, you apply a unified branding approach to ensure your brand’s style, colours, images, etc., are consistent and easily identifiable by your target audience.

Why branding is important

Branding encourages recognition

Branding helps people recognise your company instantly. The more familiar they are with your brand, the higher the chances of them purchasing with you.

Branding makes you stand out from the crowd

No matter what industry you are in, you would surely have some competitors. Branding helps you create a positive image in the minds of your target audience, thus making it easy for you to stand out from the rest.

Branding offers the opportunity to acquire new clients


Strong branding helps in creating a favourable impression of your company, thus increasing the chances of customers choosing you over other companies. Branding makes you well-known, and customers usually prefer to shop from brands they are more familiar with.

Branding helps you connect with your customers

Creating a good brand gives you the benefit of connecting to your customers on an emotional level. Hence, you should aim to raise your brand to a level that your customers feel emotionally attached.

Why brand continuity is important

Brand continuity helps in reinforcing the image of your business!

Brand continuity is all about showing the same message or image to your customers again and again, so they remember it for as long as possible. If people are consistently shown the same message regularly, they are likely to show more interest in it. Keeping this concept in mind, you need to create consistent brand promotional strategies, so your customers connect with you and remember you always.

Brand continuity is essential for all businesses. However, those in the chain business should be extra careful with this. They need to create a consistent environment in every outlet, so no matter where their customers visit them, they enjoy the same experience. Doing so will help their business maintain a reliable image, gain market visibility, and give them the competitive edge they need.

As brand continuity can be attained only by displaying a consistent message to your target audience, you need to be careful where and how you place the messages. One of the best ways to promote your brand at different locations is by opting for portable displays.

Portable displays are nothing but visually appealing displays that can be customised to have your brand name, logo, design, etc., and exhibited at trade shows, special events, commercial environments, retail stores, and other venues.

What are portable displays and why are they essential in the brand journey?

Branding is what your customers see!

Your name, your logo, your symbol, and other factors help in building a strong brand. Displaying these elements at the places most visited by your target audience can aid the branding process.

Portable displays serve as the perfect way to build positive perceptions of your brand among your target audience. There are multiple types of portable displays that you can opt for depending on your needs.

Types of portable displays

Pop-up displays

Pop-up displays are portable displays that are used as solid-looking back walls. They have a frame that opens and allows for mounting of fabric or graphic panels to create a large wall.

You can customise pop-up displays to have your brand name, logo, and message put across as a back wall at events like trade shows. Such displays can leave a positive impression on your customers and give them the feeling of being at your retail store even when they are visiting you at an event.

Pull-up banners

As the name suggests, pull-up banners can be simply pulled up and set in a matter of minutes. These banners are usually 2 metres high. However, you can customise the size of the banners as per your requirement.

A significant benefit of promoting your brand with pull-up banners is that they allow for printing on both sides, thus making it visible to more people. So, you can consider printing your brand assets on one side of the pull-up banner and any special message or new offer on the other side.

Feather flags

Feather flags are flags designed in the shape of a feather and look like bright, lively flags. They are ideal for placing outdoors thanks to their durable nature. One great feature of these flags is that they wave like flags whenever wind passes by, making it even more noticeable.

Having your brand advertised on such flags is highly beneficial as they ensure your brand gains maximum attention from the passer-by. Once you have these flags personalised as per your brand, you can install them at higher locations and keep them waving in the air for more and more people to notice.

Printed pop-up marquees

Printed pop-up marquees serve as a great way to promote your brand at any location where safety from weather conditions or the environment is required.

Pop-up marquees are somewhat like tents customised to have your brand names and logo. They can be used for events or for promoting your brand in an outdoor area. When you get the marquees printed, ensure it is the colour of your brand or has your logo printed clearly for your customers to spot you easily.

Portable counters

Portable counters serve as desks that you can be placed anywhere – in your office, at an event, or a trade show. Having your brand assets printed on the front of the counter can indicate your presence at any event.

If you customise a portable counter to have your brand’s name, colour, and logo printed, you can benefit from this in two ways – have a presentable counter that guests can use for enquires and paperwork and have a platform to promote your brand. The best thing about such counters is that they are portable. So, you can have a few counters designed for your store, and whenever the need arises, you can carry them to your events.

Printed table cloths

If you do not wish to have a portable counter designed, you can opt for a cheaper substitute – a printed table cloth. If you want to create an enquiry desk for your brand at an event, you can get a simple table and cover it with a table cloth that has your brand name and logo printed on it. This is one of the cheapest ways to promote your brand at events. Remember, the printed cloth must be of good quality and should have your brand assets printed visibly for your customers to see you, even from a distance.

Portable displays play a huge role in branding. If these displays are customised to include your brand assets, they can increase the visibility of your brand, making more people familiar with it. Always remember, the more popularity your brand gains, the higher the chances are of your business running successfully. Hence, it is advisable to make use of these customisable and portable displays that you can carry anywhere to advertise your brand.

For customised portable displays, get in touch with us

Evan Evans specialises in providing high-quality portable displays that you can use for years to promote your brand. Call us on 1800 990 989 to enquire or buy our portable displays or contact us online for assistance.

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Why Pull Up Banners Won't Go Out Of Style

Businesses across the globe search for smart, innovative, and inexpensive marketing channels to make their campaigns more efficient.

Pull up banners are one of the preferred choices for businesses to launch new products, announce trade shows and events, introduce new plans and projects to clients, and much more. It is also one of the most popular display advertising options for retail stores to attract customers with products and offers.

Across industries, pull up banners are usually considered an excellent choice for advertising for multiple reasons:

  • With excellent quality display printing and high visibility, pull up banners catch the attention of the average customer.
  • Pull up banners score when it comes to portability, and businesses can place them on the exterior or the interior of stores, or even on streets.
  • The lightweight construction makes the transportation and storing of pull banners hassle-free.
  • Most pull up banners feature a recoil system that makes the setting up of the banner, dismantling, and storing highly convenient.
  • The simple and minimal design of the banner makes it a highly economical choice for business. Furthermore, it doesn’t need extensive labour for the transport, placement, and removal of the banner. Also, most pull up banners can be set up at eye level to attract the attention of as many visitors as possible.

Versatility can’t be replaced

One of the most significant factors that make the pull up banner an evergreen choice is its versatility. The banner can fit in almost every type of promotion and campaign programs, including product launches, exhibitions, trade shows, sporting events, school events, conferences, customers’ functions, and much more.

As an event organiser in today’s digital world, there’s ample opportunity through platforms such as Spotify and Facebook Events, and more to get the word out. Promotional sites can significantly increase the number of people that know about your event, as well as encourage sharing and conversation on social platforms.

In reality, it can be placed anywhere you have a few square feet of vacant space. Not only that, the transportation and storing of these banners are hassle-free compared to digital banner solutions. The compact size of pull up banners helps businesses to transport them in large numbers, compared to other banners or digital display products that need more space.

The banner can fit any environment, from exclusive product launch events to simple marketing functions. It can easily take shape and theme of any event with specific designs and make the events more colourful and eye-catching.

Do you want to print high-quality images, the logo of your business, or just include a simple message with minimal graphics and design elements? Pull up banners are highly flexible to the needs of businesses. You can even choose double-sided pull up banners and make your message visible from almost every angle.

The banners can make large functions as well as small events better marketed. You can transform your pull up banners the way you want to convey the message.

Affordable marketing has a greater say

The affordability factor of marketing is always a concern for businesses. When it comes to display marketing, ensuring optimal visibility with minimal investment and human effort is the goal of all businesses.

Pull up banners are the right choice for businesses who want to get great display marketing results with minimal investment. While digital display options need a significant initial investment, pull up banners are highly affordable choices regardless of the industry type. Also, the display options, such as digital billboards and panels, need regular maintenance to ensure durability and the best use of them.

All these add to the total marketing costs and make the digital display options not viable for small businesses. Compared to this, pull up banners are highly affordable and need minimal maintenance. Since there is no significant initial cost, businesses don’t need to overthink about investing in pull up banners.

If you choose high-quality pull up banners, it will be a long-term investment for your marketing goals.


The choice for small businesses and startups

As discussed earlier, the minimal initial investment and low maintenance requirements make pull up banners the choice for anyone who appreciates value, style, and maximum return for their investment.

Businesses with tight marketing budgets or limited cash in hand find pull up banners a suitable choice. This will remain as is in the future, because retail stores, startups, and small businesses will continue to choose the banner as their affordable alternative to digital display marketing.

Reports confirm that Australia is home to over 2.1 million small businesses as of 2018, and that accounts for 97 per cent of the total business registrations in the country. According to the Australian Tax Office, small businesses are defined as ventures with annual revenue of $2 million or less.

Do you know that two-thirds of these 2.1 million small businesses are one-person operated ventures? While each business is unique, there are a few common challenges that lots of these 2.1 million businesses face – financing difficulties, volatile cash flow, and high operating costs.

For them, cheap display marketing options like pull up banners are the preferred choice for outdoor and indoor marketing. Now you know why pull up banners are here to stay.

Better control

Pull up banners give better control of the display marketing campaigns for businesses. The emergence of modern technology, including countless design programs and advanced printing technology, make the pull-up banners possible in a few minutes.

Also, the banner can greatly be customised based on the requirements of different businesses. Most pull up banners come with the hardware that allows the banner to adjust the height based on the venue and the height requirements.

Pull up banner makers, like Evan Evans, offer the banners in different sizes to fit the requirements of their customers. Therefore, businesses can print custom pull up banners based on their display marketing requirements and the amount of free space they have indoors or outdoors.

Suitable for your environmental goals

Today, most pull up banners are made from eco-friendly materials, either fully degradable or recyclable. Compared to this, digital display options can impact the eco-friendly goals of businesses. Digital screens consume energy and often produce e-waste that is harmful to the ecosystem.

The high-quality manufacturing standards of most pull up banners make it compatible with all-weather conditions and resistant to UV. When businesses and customers set their own carbon footprint goals for the future, they will think twice before using digital display options. This is just another apparent reason that pull up banners are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Do you know the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) of Australia has set its goal to align with a sustainable planet? The premier body for the Out of Home (OOH) advertising industry has set benchmarks for everything related to the outdoor display advertising industry.

OMA works not only for the reduction of waste and the conservation of natural resources for outdoor displays but the increased use of fuel-efficient vehicles that transport the banners as well.

Equally impactful as digital displays, sometimes more

No business has questions about the impact of pull up banners. Especially, high-quality prints and designs can bring the attention of the customers in no time. With high-resolution 720dpi quality prints, pull up banners can create a more significant impact in display marketing.

However, to get the desired results in display marketing, your pull up banners should meet specific parameters. Note that your customers read the banner from top to bottom. Therefore, you should put the most important message at the top of the pull-up banner.

You should also pay attention to include the brand colour scheme wisely on your banner. Your message should be consistent with your other brand marketing activities as it can influence your customers and make them feel that you’re doing trustworthy business. While including critical information, it is also essential that you’re not including any unwanted information in your pull up banners.

Some marketers make the mistake of not including their contact details though they design eye-catching pull-up banners with the right message. Review your pull up banner design and ensure that it has a strong call to action and has the contact details wherever your customers expect it. Also, add the logo of your business on top of your pull up a banner to bring the attention of your brand followers.

Conclusion: pull up banners serve purposes and industries

Regardless of the changes in the display marketing industry, pull up banners serve specific purposes and industries more conveniently than other options. Can you think of a different display marketing option for taking your message on the road, apart from pull banners that are more convenient, more effective, more economical?

Today, the innovations in pull up banners make them far more convenient to businesses. One of the finest examples is interchangeable banners where people can just swap the prints, without changing the entire unit. Therefore, pull up banners become more economical and environmentally-friendly to businesses.

When different organisations find pull up banners more fitting to their requirements, it becomes more accommodative to the needs of various industries with interchangeable banners, double-sided banners, and more. Yes, pull up banners are going to stay here for long.

Are you searching for high quality pull up banners with custom designs? With over 140 years of expertise, Evan Evans welcomes you to explore our range of custom pull up banners that can make a difference in your display marketing. Need more information or assistance? Talk to our banner specialists on 1800 990 989 or write to us at

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Capturing Event Attendees In 2019

All event organisers know that creating an unforgettable event is no walk in the park. Blood sweat and tears all go into making your event come together, not to mention a whole heap of time, effort and planning. Even then, once the event is organised to the tee, the next challenge of captivating and engaging our attended begins.

One of the ultimate goals for any event organiser is to have a high turnout, sell the very last ticket and have guests oohing and ahhing at everything they see. So, to make sure you capture the imaginations, hearts and minds of those who attend your event, be sure to adopt some really creative event promotional ideas.

At Evan Evans, our ranges of custom signs, banners, portable displays and the likes are the saving grace for plenty of event planners. We work with you to come up with engaging and creative solutions for all types of events. Aside from our products, here are some of the best ways that you can capture attended and make sure your next event is a raving success.

Make use of event promotion websites

Event discovery sites serve as a great platform to promote your events. With the growing use of the internet, more and more people rely on online guides and apps to find out about events in their area.

As an event organiser in today’s digital world, there’s ample opportunity through platforms such as Spotify and Facebook Events, and more to get the word out. Promotional sites can significantly increase the number of people that know about your event, as well as encourage sharing and conversation on social platforms.

Allow for native checkout

Just posting about your event on the discovery site isn’t enough; make it as simple as possible for people to check out and make their purchase through these promotional pages. We’re sure you’ve experienced the anguish of having to go to multiple places to make your final purchase, and we’re also sure that a huge percentage of people don’t end up going through with the purchase because it’s all too difficult. Give people an opportunity to make a split-second decision, and they will.

Create infographics

Unique visual tools are extremely effective in not only drawing in attended but connecting a particular fun and exciting image to your brand. Enter: infographics.

Infographics give you an opportunity to represent your information creatively, while at the same time creating a feeling and a vibe that your event represents. Infographics have the power to capture attention instantly. Taking advantage of infographics and posting them on social media as well as banners and signage is a sure-fire way to boost attendance and awareness– 10-20% of ticket sales typically occur through social media.

Promote your event using banners

No matter what type of event you are promoting, a food and drinks event, sports event, music festival or live show, one of the best ways to promote it is by using banners.

Attractive, quality banners have the power to spread the word. They give people an idea about how exciting your event is going to be, and, being available in a huge range of styles and sizes, are versatile and suited to every kind of promotion. While digital promotion is important, physical products and signage are just as effective and important.

Use social media for storytelling

Thanks to the innovative features of social media sites, promoting your event has never been simpler. Make use of the stories feature on Snapchat and Instagram, and the live video feature on Facebook and YouTube to tell a story to your audience. Through these features, you can engage your social audience by keeping them posted on the preparations of the event and throughout the event itself. People love an inside scoop. They love to see behind the scenes action and feel a part of a community. These features can help your audience connect well with your event.

Use influencers people as brand ambassadors for your event

The power of influencers can’t be ignored. Hiring someone with a social media following who aligns with your target audience can be an invaluable asset to your event. Tread carefully though, take a look at a recent example of when influencer marketing went horribly wrong. There are dedicated platforms that help you enlist influencers; however many influencers can be contacted directly and feature their contact details on their social media pages. Logically, The more promotion, the more attendees you can expect.

Customised flags

Custom flags are instant attention grabbers. You can fly them high in the outdoors during an event so that everyone can notice them. Flags are available in multiple shapes and sizes, making it easy for you to choose the one that best suits your requirement.

Pay attention to content marketing

Whether you prepare a website, blog post, or social media post for your event, one thing that matters for all is content that connects, engages and tells a story. To garner all the attention of your audience, give them thoughtful content that will help in positioning your brand and your event as a leader, and as something that cannot be missed. Good content that speaks directly to your audience and encourages them to communicate will help people connect with your brand well. The better the connection, the more likely are they to attend your event.

Make a YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel can help youe event gain traction, and videos are a powerful dhsring tool on social media. The ever-growing craze of YouTube gives you an excellent opportunity to reach to your target audience. YouTube is said to be the second-largest search engine. So, taking advantage of this search engine is a no brainer. Put together your creative ideas and prepare a video to promote your event. What’s just as effective is after movies, which highlight the best parts of your event, letting people know what they can expect at the next one.

Post visual testimonials

Another great way to promote your event on social media sites is by using visual testimonials. If you have had some good comments in the exit surveys of your previous events, use them to attract attendees. If you have video clippings of the good statements people have made about your event, post them on social media to show people how much people loved what you put together. This will increase the interest of your target audience, and in turn, give a nice little boost to your attendance.

Target similar audience

Hopefully, if your event is reoccurring or your brand runs similar ones, you’ll have an idea of who has previously purchased your event tickets. Now, it’s time to analyse the audience of your previous event. Once you understand the demographics of your audience, you can use social media to target lookalike audiences. Once you find them, you can make use of algorithms and automated tools to design ads targeting those people.


A useful and not much-used idea for promoting events in podcasting. Launch a podcast with a theme relating to your event so that people can listen to it regularly. You can also consider sponsoring an existing podcast that has a similar target audience. This option will save you a lot of your effort to create a new podcast.

Apart from using these tactics for promoting your event and capturing more attendees, you can make use of products that help to publicise an event. Many brands opt for tailored digital printing solutions that help in creating and developing some of the most useful products for promotion.

The products that can help you promote your events are:

Promote your event with your email signature

If you think, you will realise that you receive and send a large number of emails daily. How about promoting your event with every email? You can add a graphic denoting the event to your signature line. This will spread the awareness for your event, thus increasing the chances of more people attending it.

Forex Signage

Forex signage is a dynamic, contemporary signage option that brings a wow factor. This material is a solid, plastic sheet sign that you would have seen all around events and trade shows. Though recommended for indoor use, these signs are waterproof and through printing with Evan Evans, can produce the highest quality of printing Forex signs are extremely versatile, and can be used for a range of applications, making them extremely effective in promoting your event. You need to ensure that the people attending the event are drawn in, which is ehre custom signage really shines. For creative event signage ideas, you can’t go past the quality of Evan Evans.

Try temporary signposts

Signposts are a great way to lead people to your event or venue. Apart from using them in the outdoors, you can also use them to lead people to a particular stall.

Contact us for customised event signage for brand awareness

Evan Evans is dedicated to creating high-quality flags, signage, and banners. These products are designed as per the needs of the brands, thus offering customised printing solutions. Get in touch with us on for more details.

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5 Reasons You Should Spend $$ On Custom Signage

Events, trade shows and exhibitions are fantastic ways to promote your brand on a large scale, particularly targeting specific audiences. As an event manager, you'll know the importance of a successful event, and that every event is an opportunity to promote your brand and services.

In the world of social media, the internet and influencers, the waters can begin to get murky when we talk about where your promotional dollars should go. While these facets of event promotion are just as important, using custom signages to promote your services should be prioritised just as much.

Custom signage can come with a lot of questions. Is such a campaign really going to boost your brand or promote your services? What are the important aspects to be considered while making custom signage? How can event managers make use of the event space without diverting the purpose of the event?

Note that your focus should be on arranging a great event, and capturing the attention and imagination of your audience. Your actions speak louder and clear, and you can take the credit of it with proper branding.

Be careful while placing the custom signage in the event premises. The promotions should not be overshadowing the event and its purpose at any cost. It is one of the best ways to connect with potential customers. Great events and impressive images and symbols are not easily forgotten.

Now, let's discuss why you should spend on custom designs and how those signs can make a difference in getting more customers and the reputation of your business.

Taking Advantage Of The Space

If you're organising the event, you know each and everything about it, including the advertising space. It can leverage you to take advantage of the space at the event location and premises. Especially in local events, most spaces are underutilised though that are high-value advertising spaces.

With a careful placing of signage and banners, you can fully utilise the event location to take more people to your brand. From stage signage and mesh banner fencing to crowd control barriers, every event venue offers numerous options to promote your brand. You can also use flags, portable display, marquees, exhibition stands, and much more. Especially banners and signage can fit in places where finding space for advertising is difficult. If you’re organising an event scheduled for evening or night, you can use backlit signage to make them visible from long distances.

Think and search for ways to use the space creatively that can give an impression about your brand on the minds of your customers. You know where the attention of the audience falls and the ideal position for your banners and signage as an event manager. Take the advantages of all that by the optimal placing of signage and banners.

Improves The Aesthetics Of The Space

Custom signage and banners can give a unique appeal if you have placed them strategically in the event venue An act as simple as lacing custom signs and banners on the roads and passages at the venue in equal distances to give a uniform look and appeal.

With uniform signage and banners across the venue, your visual brand assets will look professional, impressive, and aesthetic. As much as you impress your audience with the signage and banners, your business' name will reach more powerfully to them. You can use stylish, attractive banners and signages to decorate the venue professionally.

If your brand promotion efforts can amplify the appeal of the event, your client will be more than happy to allow you to go ahead with your signage and banners. It can also make the events reputable and capture more attention.

It means that you’ll reap the benefits from reaching out to new customers and potential clients while the events benefit from the aesthetics of your brand marketing efforts.

Great Exposure With Minimal Investment

It is more relevant if you are organising exhibitions or trade shows that run for a few weeks and attract many thousands of visitors. Your signage and banners can get more exposure, and you may get more potential customers than you expect.

Generally speaking, exhibitions and trades shows are conducted in large venues, and that gives you more room for playing with where your banners and signs will go. While some custom signs can be pricy, think of it as an investment that will pay for its self through brand exposure and attracting curious eyes. The growth of technology in recent decades has made custom signage economical and more appealing.

For instance, specialty 3M vinyl film signages that come with LED illumination can give a standout appeal in any venue and connect with the hearts of the visitors. It is an excellent option if you want to provide a standout appeal for your brand in the exhibition venues and trade shows.

Do you know what makes custom signage different? It greatly influences your potential customers, compared to normal signage and banners, and can invoke the initial interest. In the sales funnel, custom signage help you to create awareness and interest about your brand to your potential customers.

Brand Awareness Targeting Specific Customer Groups

If it is a corporate program or a promotional event, corporates and company executives attend such events large in numbers. As an event organiser for such programs, you get an opportunity to focus your targeted customer group.

Since corporate events do not feature any other business than the particular corporate group, you will get ample options to promote your services – unrestricted – with custom signage. You can highlight your business in the venue without diverting the attention of the program.

Decision makers such as corporate heads and business executive, attend these programs, meaning you get a great platform to convey your brand message to them using custom signage and banners.

The primary reason why you should invest in custom signage is to keep the visuals associated with your brans in the minds of everyone who sees them. When it comes to offline brand promotion with signage and banners, the location is highly important.

Today, advertising means reaching out the right people with the right message. Corporate events and programs are one of the best places to meet the right people with your brand message. It's a result-yielding and cost-effective option.

Note that corporates are capable of distinguishing standout signages and banners. They know the value of a brand with the characteristics of its signage. They can also conclude how much you value your brand and business from your custom signage. It becomes a symbol of the core values of your business and the door to more business

Year-Round Advertising With Portable Signages

You can confidently spend on portable custom signage as you can take them with you to each of the events you’re a part of. It helps you to take the complete value of your investment.

However, you should pay attention to certain factors while choosing custom signage for promoting your brand and business. It should explicitly speak about your brand and should not have any specifics about any of the events you conduct. This helps you to use the signs in various venues and scenarios, regardless of the events.

Choose signs that are easy to transport and are little effort to maneuver. While this seems like a trivial detail, You should find installing and removing of such signage easy and hassle-free.


Illuminated signs are a great choice as you can use them for the events that are scheduled for evenings and nights– not to mention how effective and eye-catching they are.

Also, pay attention to the legal compliance issues with regards to portable signs. These are subject to many compliance requirements, restrictions, and codes. Your portable signage should be free of any compliance issues and allow you to carry and install in all your event venues to get the best of the visual branding.

At Evan Evans, we have a vast knowledge of the industry and what will meet regulations, so you can always rest assured that your signage will meet expectation

Let's sum it all up

It is a fact that displays, including signages and banners, play a crucial role in impulsive buying. With your custom signage and banners, you can get great results if they are highly impressive.

Your signage should be eye-catching and bringing more potential customers to your business. Additionally, the signage should be compliant to the local rules and regulations.

Therefore, you should choose a printer who knows all the ins and outs of the industry, including the latest trends, regulations, knowledge of the market, and more, along with proven expertise.

Evan Evans can be your best destination for custom signage and banners as we are particular to give the latest of the industry, always. Since 1877, we are the pioneers of the printing space of Australia and helped thousands of business get greater visibility with custom signage, flags, banners, marquees, portable display, exhibition stands, and much more.

You can call us on 1800 990 989 to learn how our custom signage become the best choice for event managers or check out or contact details and social media channels here.

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Media Walls And Our Social World

In today’s digital world, your event attendees can be your best form of promotion and marketing. Centring certain aspects of your event, its promotion and success around sharing and creating content is something that more and more organisers are doing.

Making investments and crafting your event to encourage people to post in the moment and share their content is well worth it. One of the most popular and effective ways that event planners and promoters are doing this is through the use of social media walls.

Think about any recent event, product launch or evets gala, and there’s one thing that they all have in common. They use a media wall as a backdrop, carefully covered in event promotion material.

From too many logos to unflattering lighting and misplaced designs, Evan Evans has been in the game long enough to know what a good and bad media wall looks like. With the potential for so many eyeballs on the finished photos, it’s essential to your event and your sponsors ROI that you get it right.

From charity events and interviews to gala dinners and movie premiers, media walls are well and truly a necessity at any kind of event. Giving both attendees and event photographers a place to create and share content is invaluable in the age of social media.

Between glamourous red-carpet photo ops and eye-catching backdrops, here’s why your event needs to have a media wall in our social world.

What kind of events need social media walls?

While we might be talking about A- list Hollywood events, media walls are definitely not exclusive to these and make the perfect attribute to an event of any size. Generally speaking, media walls can be designed in three different ways.

1. For events This kind of media wall is for events that rely on public participation, sharing of content and publicity. We’re talking about charity events, galas, and fundraising events. At events such as these, media walls are making an appearance to make the event recognisable and create a strong connection between an event and a brand in the online world.

2. For branding Here, we're talking about launching a new product, celebrating an anniversary, or recognising something (or someone) prestigious. The main aim of media walls as a backdrop at an event of this type is exposure. Creating a media wall with the right balance and combination of logos is all about keeping it simple and brand-centric. At Evan Evans, we have the expert knowledge and understanding to make this happen.

3. For sponsorship Media walls can become the backdrop for generous donors and contributors, as well as any special guests that would boost the profile of your event. Media walls are a great, yet subtle way to highlight them without making a huge fuss, combining your logo and sponsors logos into one wall. Anything taken in front of a media wall is bound to end up online, which is an added incentive for your sponsors. #success.

A Cost-Effective Strategy

Signage in Melbourne can be much more affordable than other marketing strategies such as television advertisements and ongoing social media campaigns that require constant maintenance. Once signage has been installed by signage companies in Melbourne, there are no further costs to consider. Your signage can stay in place and act as an effective form of advertising 24 hours a day.

Why is a media wall so important?

Signage has an element of permanence that other advertising methods simply don’t possess. It rarely needs changing and it remains visible 365 days a year. This makes it a worthy investment even if the initial set-up costs seem off-putting. Signage for Melbourne businesses offers a constant source of advertising, which can help them achieve the success they desire.

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Media walls are the perfect tool to help you make the most from your event. Your event needs publicity– that goes without saying, and media walls as a backdrop for social content help your event make the rounds on the internet. It's an opportunity for branding, marketing and publicity all in one. We’re all about saving coin, and we bet you are too.

Add value to your event Just like feature walls in homes, or murals in restaurants, neon signs in your favourite bar– media walls add value to your event, give an element of excitement and overall, encourages content creating and sharing online. Our variety of social media walls such as pop up displays, straight line media walls, outdoor media walls and pull up media walls means your design and execution can be unique and you don’t have to follow the crowd when it comes to what you create. Add in some 3D options, some lights or throw in a red carpet and you’ve got yourself an eye popping wall.

Brand marketing This point is super important for smaller brands who are breaking through or looking for that all important exposure. Sure, your guests may know who you are and what you stand for, but outsiders won't. Do your guests and any media professionals a favour by splashing your logo across the event, introducing yourself through a media wall. The last thing you want is for people to remember the event and its attendees, but not the name of your brand. Make it unforgettable.

Event promotion Marketing a new product or brand means lots of attention. One of the best ways to do this is through, wait for it… media walls. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to put what you are promoting at the front and centre of journalists, photographers and attendees.

Sponsor promotion Hosts will always be expected to thank their sponsors, no matter what. And what better way to express gratitude than spreading their logo on an entire wall? It’s a simple and subtle yet effective way of acknowledging your sponsors in a public event.

Some do’s and don’ts for your media wall designs


Stick to the basics and keep your wall simple. There’s no need for your wall to be crowded and steal the show from the event that you have spent time and effort putting together. Avoid overcomplicating your wall with too many designs or logos, people won’t know where to look, and you don't want your wall to be so busy that nothing becomes memorable. Less is more.

Choose the right location. Where you put your media wall will dictate how effective it is. A great and usual location is the entrance way of the event or any other area where foot traffic is heavy. Social media walls work fantastically with the addition of bollards or a red carpet to direct your guests. Its also important to place your media wall somewhere that lighting is exceptional, and great photos can be taken.

Go the extra mile and add in lighting or some 3D designs. Enhance your media wall for a social occasion. Some ideas include backlit add-ons, fake grass, or anything else that lines up with your brand. Don’t forget about continuity!


Don't leave your media wall till the last minute. Team up with the experts (ahem, that's us) well ahead of time to iron out any design issues, colour pallet specifics and the likes. Leave time for changes and tweaks.

Don't forget about lighting. Event lighting is often just as important as your media wall. Don't project blue light onto your media wall as it's very unflattering and can distort faces in photos. We recommend using a soft white light instead – it's the safe option and captures the talent. Consider using truss up lights along the bottom of your media wall, which casts a nice light on your event’s logos making them stand out.

Don't place your wall somewhere that people will be in the way. Photobombs aren’t funny when you’re trying to promote a brand or pull off a killer event. Besides this, watch the placement of printed people on your media wall.

Don't fret if the unexpected happens. You may arrive to find a power point in the wrong spot, a styling issue or anything different to what you had planned. Make sure that you consider all these points in your planning.

The main thing to remember is that social media and media walls as backdrops go hand in hand, having the power to significantly increase the number of people who see a glimpse of your event. Make it fun, make it stylish and above else, make sure its printed to the highest possible standards.

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Give that Extra Competitive Edge to Your Business

Businesses can struggle to stand out from the crowd in increasingly competitive marketplaces. For this reason, many businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase their brand awareness, attract new customers, and create positive experiences that engender loyalty. This includes keeping up with the latest technologies, creating attractive business signs, and establishing a positive culture. Continue reading for more information about giving your business an extra competitive edge.

Use the Latest Technologies

If a business wants to thrive in today’s modern day and age, they need to be on top of the latest technologies or risk falling behind the curve. Making use of the latest technology products allows you to deliver the best possible product and service experiences for as many customers as possible. Whether you’re providing cutting-edge consumer electronics or streamlined hospitality services, the latest technologies can help give you an edge.

Create Attractive Signage

Few things attract prospective customers quite as effectively as signage. The perfect business signs will draw attention and make people interested in the things you can offer them. They also visually communicate a lot about what you offer, which is why you should never underestimate their impact and importance. From corflute signs and self-adhesive vinyl through to A-frame displays, flags and more, there’s no shortage of business signs in Melbourne available for you to choose from.

Establish a Positive Culture

People are starting to take more notice of the culture that a business cultivates both inside and out. Businesses with a poorly perceived culture receive bad press, which can cause prospective customers to look for more positive alternatives. If you have a business culture that promotes kindness and equality, you’re much more likely to experience the success you crave.

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The Importance of Signage for a Business

There are many different advertising options available for businesses that want to increase their brand awareness and attract prospective customers. However, while television advertisements and online ads might seem like the most effective methods for advertising your business, nothing quite measures up to the effectiveness of simple signage. This blog contains useful information about the importance of signage for Melbourne business.

Increased Brand Exposure

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses are required to increase their exposure and stand out from the crowd as much as possible. Vibrant signage will help distinguish your business against others of its kind, drawing the attention of people who pass by. Long-term exposure to your signage over time can also result in more customers buying your products or services.

A Cost-Effective Strategy

Signage in Melbourne can be much more affordable than other marketing strategies such as television advertisements and ongoing social media campaigns that require constant maintenance. Once signage has been installed by signage companies in Melbourne, there are no further costs to consider. Your signage can stay in place and act as an effective form of advertising 24 hours a day.

Year-Round Advertising

Signage has an element of permanence that other advertising methods simply don’t possess. It rarely needs changing and it remains visible 365 days a year. This makes it a worthy investment even if the initial set-up costs seem off-putting. Signage for Melbourne businesses offers a constant source of advertising, which can help them achieve the success they desire.

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How to Invigorate Your Brand

If you’re looking to invigorate your brand, there are many changes you can make in order to achieve this. From hiring experienced website developers to upgrade and enhance your online presence through to installing high-quality signage in Melbourne that attracts customers, there’s no shortage of ways to rejuvenate your brand and change the way in which it’s perceived.

One of the premier signage companies in Melbourne, Evan Evans, offers some top suggestions as to how you can give your brand the much needed invigoration it requires.


The importance and significance of signage cannot be understated. It brings visibility and exposure to your business and provides your brand with a particular identity. If your existing signage has seen better days, it might be time to redesign your logo or even upgrade your signage to appeal to today’s technology-driven market. For example, LED signs can give the impression that you’re a technology-savvy business that always moves and looks forward. Speak to one of the leading signage companies in Melbourne about how we can help you.

Move Towards Video-Based Content

Given that the majority of people all have at least one screen on them at any given time, whether it’s a smart phone, a tablet or even a laptop, taking advantage of video content can also help to invigorate your brand. The shift from standard ‘content marketing’ to ‘broadcast marketing’ will allow you to reach a wider audience in ways that you might not have imagined.


Usually considered one of the more extreme approaches to invigorating your brand, rebranding typically involves changing a brand’s logo, image, marketing strategy, advertising themes and even name as a means of creating a new identity in the marketplace. Rebranding is typically done for one of five reasons: to set oneself apart from the competition, to recover from a negative event or eliminate a negative public image, as a reaction to dwindling market share, a corporate restructure has taken place, or the brand just wants to stay relevant amid evolving consumer trends. While it can be an expensive venture that requires everything from redesigning services through to brand new signage in Melbourne, if the rebranding process achieves its goals, then it was time and effort well spent.

For more suggestions on how you can invigorate your brand, get in touch with Evan Evans – one of the leading signage companies in Melbourne.

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Choosing the Right Signage for Your Business

Choosing the right signage for your business can mean the difference between success and failure. Business owners should therefore take the design and placement of their signage in Melbourne into account to ensure that prospective customers are responding to the message, with the specific details depending on the nature of the business and what it intends to provide to customers. This blog post contains further information about choosing the right signage for your business.

Maximise Visibility

The most significant element for signage is the extent of its visibility. Businesses that erect small and unclear signs are likely to lose customers, as people will either gloss over them or miss them entirely. Prospective customers and clients are far less likely to see signage let alone respond to it if it’s obscured by buildings, tress, power lines or other neighbouring signs.

Maximise the visibility of your signage by inspecting its placement from every possible vantage point. You may also want to consider embellishing your signage by adding colourful lights and stylish typefaces to stand out and attract attention. These measures will ensure that as many people as possible are exposed to your signage in Melbourne.

Don’t Overcomplicate It

Many businesses make the mistake of overcomplicating their signage. People are more likely to look past signs if they have to work harder to visually process them, which is why you should try and keep them as simple but as distinctive as possible. This will help you make a positive first impression while ensuring your business looks likeable and trustworthy.

For effective signage in Melbourne that attracts attention and generates interest, it’s recommended that your signs include an easily understandable message in a high-contrast format. In other words, keep the word count below ten while communicating what separates you from the competition. Once people walk through your door, you can provide the additional information that they need.

Establish a Positive Culture

People are starting to take more notice of the culture that a business cultivates both inside and out. Businesses with a poorly perceived culture receive bad press, which can cause prospective customers to look for more positive alternatives. If you have a business culture that promotes kindness and equality, you’re much more likely to experience the success you crave.

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Available Types of Display Signage in Melbourne

As one of the leading signage companies in Melbourne, Evan Evans has no shortage of signage solutions available to choose from. Whether you want simple A-Frame display signs that are portable and easy to set up or fully customisable E-Frame display signs for media backdrops, there’s something for everybody regardless of your circumstances. This blog post contains useful information about the available types of display signage for Melbourne businesses.

A-Frame Display Signs

Simple A-Frame display signs are among the most popular signage for Melbourne businesses. They are highly effective at increasing brand awareness, generating interest in products and services, and helping businesses to stand out from the crowd. They’re also versatile, portable, cost-effective, and easy to set up.

ECO Flex Display Stands

ECO Flex display stands are durable, affordable, and capable of increasing your exposure and achieving your desired results. They can be placed in various places, including sidewalks and roadsides. They feature excellent flexibility as well as fantastic stability thanks to their low centre of gravity.

2Stand Display Stands

New products and services need to be advertised, or else prospective customers will have no way of knowing about them. Fortunately, 2Stand display stands can be highly effective at achieving your goals. Suitable for exhibitions and trade shows, these fully customisable solutions can feature high resolution images that give your business the advantage it needs.

E-Frame Display Signs

If you need cost-effective yet eye-catching signage in Melbourne for stage and media backdrops, an E-Frame display sign can meet your needs. This signage type boasts great versatility, as it’s capable of being mounted to walls or suspended when required in addition to being freestanding. It’s also easily transportable thanks to its flat packed nature.

ISO Frame Display Systems

ISO frame display systems can be easily erected at trade shows and exhibitions throughout Melbourne. They’re excellent for modern businesses that need easily transportable and completely re-usable solutions. They have the added benefit of saving time and resources in the long run, making them an economical and eco-friendly choice. This highly convenient type of signage for Melbourne businesses can also come with optional built-in LCD screens.

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Evan Evans stocks various types of display signage for Melbourne businesses, making us one of the best signage companies in Melbourne. Browse our range online or contact us today to learn more. Give us a call on (03) 9416 1848 or send us an email for a prompt response.

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Common Applications for Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are excellent for anyone requiring short-term signage solutions for temporary events or limited promotions with definite end dates. They are highly popular for a number of reasons, including their suitability for both indoor and outdoor environments. Corflute signs are also renowned for their ease of use, resistance against harsh weather conditions, fast turnaround, and capacity for customisation. Whether you want corflute signs to advertise an upcoming festival in your local area or you need them to increase your general business exposure, they can get the job done. This blog post contains more information about the common applications for corflute signs.

Increasing Small Business Exposure

In an increasingly cutthroat marketplace, small businesses need every advantage they can get. Corflute signs are relatively affordable while still being an effective tool for increasing brand awareness. Small businesses that can’t afford elaborate marketing campaigns can use these affordable signs to generate the foot traffic they desperately need.

Advertising Properties

Real estate agents typically advertise properties for as little time as possible, as they want prospective buyers to see the property and make a purchase sooner rather than later. This means there’s little point investing in signage that lasts longer than a few weeks or months at most. Corflute signs offer a perfect solution, working to increase exposure and attract attention. Once the property has been sold, the signs can be easily taken down without wasting unnecessary time and money.

Promoting Sports Sponsors

Most major and local sporting events are sponsored by recognisable corporations. This helps build brand awareness, reach new audiences, increase sales, and generate more website traffic. Given that most sporting events are seasonal and only last a limited amount of time, temporary corflute signs offer an affordable yet effective signage solution, perfect for promoting sports sponsors without having to worry about the permanence of the signage.

Advertising Garage Sales

Garage sales are usually held on weekends and target other residents living in the local area. They’re a great way for households to make some extra cash while clearing away unwanted items, but the local community needs to be informed beforehand or else no one will know about the sale – let alone attend. Fortunately, corflute signs offer a simple and affordable way of advertising local garage sales and ensuring that residents within the vicinity are aware of the event.

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Innovative Signage in Melbourne

Technological advancements in recent decades have spawned a range of innovative signage solutions for businesses and organisations. This has resulted in the creation of clearer and more distinctive advertising that attracts more attention and generates interest. For businesses that want to stand out from the crowd and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s important for them to always stay ahead of the curve by consulting with signage companies in Melbourne. To help you make the most of your opportunities, Evan Evans has compiled this blog post containing useful information about innovative signage in Melbourne.

3D Printed Signage

3D printers have existed for decades in various forms, but the use of computers to create three-dimensional objects has only exploded in popularity in the last few years. This thrilling technology is still being perfected, but even in its current state, it has influenced and changed the way entire industries approach their advertising. 3D printers have allowed experts to formulate creative marketing campaigns and produce signage in Melbourne that elevates businesses above the competition.

Digital Signage

In the decades since personal computer systems emerged, digital signage has become increasingly commonplace. Messages on digital screens are often clear and easy to read, allowing businesses to communicate with their target audience more easily and across larger distances. It’s now easier than ever to keep people apprised of the latest developments, spread the word about exciting new promotions, and share interesting information.

Vintage Signage

The proliferation of digital technologies has created an appeal for more old-school alternatives. Nearly anyone can use a computer to create signage, which makes it much harder to stand out from the crowd. Using tried-and-tested methods from bygone days allows you to capture an old-world charm and distinguish your sign from the competition. Coffee shops, clothing stores and other small businesses have found surprising amounts of success with vintage signage in Melbourne.

Simple Signage

Too much neon and digitalisation can become overwhelming and off-putting after a while. For this reason, simple signs with basic designs, minimalistic formatting and less information can often be much more effective. This approach can help businesses stand out from others that are trying too hard.

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Benefits of Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are excellent for businesses and organisations that require short term advertising solutions. They’re a highly popular choice for several reasons, including their suitability for indoor and outdoor environments for real estate and construction applications. They’re also known for their lightweight construction and weather resistant qualities. This blog post contains additional information about the various advantages of corflute signs.

Easy to Use and Implement

As previously mentioned, corflute signs are constructed using lightweight materials which makes them much easier to use and implement relative to other signage solutions. Whether you want to install corflute signs onto fences using ropes or onto posts using cable ties, they can be set up in next to time, allowing your organisation to benefit from them more quickly.


Corflute signs are often installed outdoors, which means they need to withstand the harsh weather conditions they’re often subjected to. This includes torrential rain, strong winds, scorching sunlight, and damaging UV rays. Fortunately, corflute signs offer resistance against UV rays and tears. They also feature UV laminated graphics that last for up to three years for additional protection.


Organisations should always seek out customisable advertising solutions so that they can personalise them. Fortunately, corflute signs are versatile options that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Corflute can be moulded into almost any shape, folded to create freestanding signs, and joined to make other types of signs. Your brand name and product information can also be included.


The fundamental goal of your advertising should be to minimise how much it costs to implement and maximise the revenue it generates. Corflute signs, which are commonly used for short term purposes, are relatively affordable, making them an ideal choice. Whether you’re setting up limited promotions or advertising temporary events, corflute signs are a fantastic solution.

Fast Turnarounds

There’s never any shortage of corflute available, so you can rest assured that corflute signs can be made and delivered in a timely fashion. Turnarounds can even be achieved in less than 24 hours if you need them urgently enough.

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At Evan Evans, we’ve developed a reputation for selling the very best corflute signs online. Get in touch with our friendly experts today to learn more about the many benefits of corflute signs. Alternatively, you can request a quote and place an order at your earliest convenience.

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Brand Awareness through Signage

Can you imagine walking around the city of Melbourne and not seeing any signs? They’ve become such a ubiquitous aspect of our lives, allowing us to identify all kinds of businesses and what they offer. Signs in Melbourne allow businesses to improve their brand awareness, promote their products and services, and stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

At Evan Evans, we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading signage companies in Melbourne. Our specialists can create personalised signage solutions to help increase brand awareness and attract prospective customers. This blog post contains useful information about creating and improving brand awareness through signage.

Create Something Distinctive

When you see signs in Melbourne for well-known brands, you know exactly what they are and who they belong to. This is a powerful element of brand awareness, making these companies easy to identify and connect with. If you want your business to succeed, you should aim to create signs and logos that are similarly distinctive. This can be an extremely challenging prospect, but the rewards speak for themselves if you can accomplish it.

Tell and Share Stories

You should aim to imbue your signage with stories that people can connect to. This doesn’t mean telling a literal story, but logos and signs in Melbourne should invoke images and experiences in people’s minds that have a story-like quality. Humans naturally gravitate towards stories as a means of communicating and creating meaning in their lives, so having a sign that tells a story about your business, its ethos, its history and its people can do wonders for brand awareness.

Take Steps to Increase your Brand Awareness Today

As one of the best signage companies in Melbourne, Evan Evans can give your business the best opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Contact us today by calling 1800 990 989 or sending us an email. You can also sign up to our e-newsletter for regular updates.

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