Street flags and banners

Street flags and banners

Stay fresh all year round, be seen from a distance and draw the eye of passers-by upwards for your next event or campaign.

Street banners and flags come in all shapes, sizes and colours and Evan Evans can make them all. Our mix of state-of-the-art digital and traditional screen printing techniques enable us to produce full colour one-offs or bulk sets cost effectively in very short lead times.

We also produce banner poles to suit all conditions and can arrange installation anywhere in Australia.

Super and street banners soar high above the rest while the scaled down vinyl street banners are ideal for application where line of sight, street poles and buildings are not suitable for super banners. In our experience, the best event campaigns are those which utilise both banner types for maximised impact.

Check out the gallery for some of our past work, we're pretty proud of it.

Port Melbourne comes to life with FlagTrax

The beautiful beachfront shopping village of Port Melbourne was given a make over in early 2014, with colourful street banners and flags installed along the busy Bay and Beach Streets using the Australian-made state-of-the-art tracking system FlagTrax.

Chairman of the Port Melbourne Business Association, Paul Littman, says the banners brought the area to life.

“Apart from providing a much needed boost of colourful promotion along the streets, the banners are one of the most effective ways of promoting our events and festivals to both locals and the thousands of people who arrive via cruise ships each year,” said Paul.

The existing light poles that stretch along the two main roads in the area had been in need of upgrading for quite some time so local business owners were delighted as they watched the new banners and tracking system being installed.

Paul Littman added, “By using our existing poles we saved money on the initial installation and moving forward, now that we can change the flags over ourselves, there will be huge cost savings compared to the older banner system and even opportunities to raise revenue through leasing the highly visible spaces to promote local business and events.”

Clarence Valley Council gets on track

Street Banners are an extremely effective way of communicating about cultural events, sport events and festivals. They provide a vibrant and strong visual presence and allow organisations like Clarence Valley Council to undertake marketing campaigns on a large and impressive scale. 

Thanks to advancements in street flag and banner installation, and a little help from us, Clarence Valley Council is leading the way when it comes to this kind of marketing.

After visiting the area in early 2013, we put an idea to Clarence Valley Council – what if they could change their street banners without any cost or delay?

They were interested and started planning which areas would benefit first.

In mid-2013 we installed 12 FlagTrax systems in the municipality, enabling Clarence Valley to change its flags and banners up safely from the ground and with none of the previously unavoidable costs Council was used to facing.

The unique track system of FlagTrax, built right here in Australia allows Clarence Valley Council to install new flags and banners from the ground – its bustling streets and roadways will now go uninterrupted when the time comes to change up flags and banners as FlagTrax eliminates the need for time-consuming traffic management plans, cherry pickers, power outages or any forward planning from Council.

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