FlagTrax - Flags

3800 x 1150

FlagTrax  allows you to revitalise street, malls and cultural areas quickly, safely and without any added expense. The unique track system of FlagTrax can be fitted to new or existing poles, lampposts, signs, stands or walls and allows users to install large banners and flags high above the street while remaining safely at ground level. Bustling streets, malls and shopping centres will go uninterrupted when the time comes to change your flags and banners as FlagTrax eliminates the need for time-consuming traffic management plans, cherry pickers, power outages or any forward planning.

Buy Portable Displays – Create Lasting Impressions

Have your brand name seen all over busy cities, shopping malls and bustling streets with FlagTrax. This modern system allows for flags to be changed so simply, making it even simpler and quicker to get your brand’s message out and about around Australia. We love street flags, they add a pop of colour and allow brands to communicate in a fun and engaging way. FlagTrax has eliminated the cost, time and resources that were needed previously to have flags installed, shooting flags back up the top of the ranks when it comes to effective marketing. Shout your brand from the rooftops (or the flagpoles).

Evan Evans is proud to be the licensed supplier of the patented FlagTrax Street Flag Display System. We are Australia’s leading FlagTrax supplier and were the first to offer FlagTrax into Australia in 2014.

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