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5 Reasons You Should Spend $$$ On Custom Signage

5 Reasons You Should Spend $$$ On Custom Signage

Events, trade shows and exhibitions are fantastic ways to promote your brand on a large scale, particularly targeting specific audiences. As an event manager, you’ll know the importance of a successful event, and that every event is an opportunity to promote your brand and services.

In the world of social media, the internet and influencers, the waters can begin to get murky when we talk about where your promotional dollars should go. While these facets of event promotion are just as important, using custom signages to promote your services should be prioritised just as much.

Custom signage can come with a lot of questions. Is such a campaign really going to boost your brand or promote your services? What are the important aspects to be considered while making custom signage? How can event managers make use of the event space without diverting the purpose of the event?

Note that your focus should be on arranging a great event, and capturing the attention and imagination of your audience. Your actions speak louder and clear, and you can take the credit of it with proper branding.

Be careful while placing the custom signage in the event premises. The promotions should not be overshadowing the event and its purpose at any cost. It is one of the best ways to connect with potential customers. Great events and impressive images and symbols are not easily forgotten.

Now, let’s discuss why you should spend on custom designs and how those signs can make a difference in getting more customers and the reputation of your business.

Taking Advantage Of The Space

If you’re organising the event, you know each and everything about it, including the advertising space. It can leverage you to take advantage of the space at the event location and premises. Especially in local events, most spaces are underutilised though that are high-value advertising spaces.

With a careful placing of signage and banners, you can fully utilise the event location to take more people to your brand. From stage signage and mesh banner fencing to crowd control barriers, every event venue offers numerous options to promote your brand. You can also use flags, portable display, marquees, exhibition stands, and much more. Especially banners and signage can fit in places where finding space for advertising is difficult. If you’re organising an event scheduled for evening or night, you can use backlit signage to make them visible from long distances.

Think and search for ways to use the space creatively that can give an impression about your brand on the minds of your customers. You know where the attention of the audience falls and the ideal position for your banners and signage as an event manager. Take the advantages of all that by the optimal placing of signage and banners.

Improves The Aesthetics Of The Space

Custom signage and banners can give a unique appeal if you have placed them strategically in the event venue An act as simple as lacing custom signs and banners on the roads and passages at the venue in equal distances to give a uniform look and appeal.

With uniform signage and banners across the venue, your visual brand assets will look professional, impressive, and aesthetic. As much as you impress your audience with the signage and banners, your business’ name will reach more powerfully to them. You can use stylish, attractive banners and signages to decorate the venue professionally.

If your brand promotion efforts can amplify the appeal of the event, your client will be more than happy to allow you to go ahead with your signage and banners. It can also make the events reputable and capture more attention.

It means that you’ll reap the benefits from reaching out to new customers and potential clients while the events benefit from the aesthetics of your brand marketing efforts.

Great Exposure With Minimal Investment

It is more relevant if you are organising exhibitions or trade shows that run for a few weeks and attract many thousands of visitors. Your signage and banners can get more exposure, and you may get more potential customers than you expect.

Generally speaking, exhibitions and trades shows are conducted in large venues, and that gives you more room for playing with where your banners and signs will go. While some custom signs can be pricy, think of it as an investment that will pay for its self through brand exposure and attracting curious eyes. The growth of technology in recent decades has made custom signage economical and more appealing.

For instance, specialty 3M vinyl film signages that come with LED illumination can give a standout appeal in any venue and connect with the hearts of the visitors. It is an excellent option if you want to provide a standout appeal for your brand in the exhibition venues and trade shows.

Do you know what makes custom signage different? It greatly influences your potential customers, compared to normal signage and banners, and can invoke the initial interest. In the sales funnel, custom signage help you to create awareness and interest about your brand to your potential customers.

Brand Awareness Targeting Specific Customer Groups

If it is a corporate program or a promotional event, corporates and company executives attend such events large in numbers. As an event organiser for such programs, you get an opportunity to focus your targeted customer group.

Since corporate events do not feature any other business than the particular corporate group, you will get ample options to promote your services – unrestricted – with custom signage. You can highlight your business in the venue without diverting the attention of the program.

Decision makers such as corporate heads and business executive, attend these programs, meaning you get a great platform to convey your brand message to them using custom signage and banners.

The primary reason why you should invest in custom signage is to keep the visuals associated with your brans in the minds of everyone who sees them. When it comes to offline brand promotion with signage and banners, the location is highly important.

Today, advertising means reaching out the right people with the right message. Corporate events and programs are one of the best places to meet the right people with your brand message. It’s a result-yielding and cost-effective option.

Note that corporates are capable of distinguishing standout signages and banners. They know the value of a brand with the characteristics of its signage. They can also conclude how much you value your brand and business from your custom signage. It becomes a symbol of the core values of your business and the door to more business

Year-Round Advertising With Portable Signages

You can confidently spend on portable custom signage as you can take them with you to each of the events you’re a part of. It helps you to take the complete value of your investment.

However, you should pay attention to certain factors while choosing custom signage for promoting your brand and business. It should explicitly speak about your brand and should not have any specifics about any of the events you conduct. This helps you to use the signs in various venues and scenarios, regardless of the events. Choose signs that are easy to transport and are little effort to maneuver. While this seems like a trivial detail, You should find installing and removing of such signage easy and hassle-free.

Illuminated signs are a great choice as you can use them for the events that are scheduled for evenings and nights– not to mention how effective and eye-catching they are.

Also, pay attention to the legal compliance issues with regards to portable signs. These are subject to many compliance requirements, restrictions, and codes. Your portable signage should be free of any compliance issues and allow you to carry and install in all your event venues to get the best of the visual branding.

At Evan Evans, we have a vast knowledge of the industry and what will meet regulations, so you can always rest assured that your signage will meet expectation

Let’s sum it all up

It is a fact that displays, including signages and banners, play a crucial role in impulsive buying. With your custom signage and banners, you can get great results if they are highly impressive.

Your signage should be eye-catching and bringing more potential customers to your business. Additionally, the signage should be compliant to the local rules and regulations.

Therefore, you should choose a printer who knows all the ins and outs of the industry, including the latest trends, regulations, knowledge of the market, and more, along with proven expertise.

Evan Evans can be your best destination for custom signage and banners as we are particular to give the latest of the industry, always. Since 1877, we are the pioneers of the printing space of Australia and helped thousands of business get greater visibility with custom signage, flags, banners, marquees, portable display, exhibition stands, and much more.

You can call us on 1800 990 989 to learn how our custom signage become the best choice for event managers or check out or contact details and social media channels here.

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